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The Oppression Has Ended: US to Pay Out Nearly $1 Billion to Native Americans

In one of the craziest turn f events, the U.S government is finally going to return something of the Native Americans; their money. The Sioux tribes will be paid first followed by the Croix tribes and so on. I have to say it is about time they got their money back among other things we took from them.

Tribal leaders believe the massive payout to compensate the tribes will assist in combating major issues faced on reservations such as alcoholism, rampant unemployment and almost non-existent healthcare system. The settlement is meant to compensate the tribal contractors and tribes that were underpaid from the years of 1994 to 2013. The failure of the US government to meet financial obligations to the tribes is one of the historic means used to keep Native Americans disenfranchised.

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The settlement must be approved by a federal judge, with the tribes scheduled to begin to receive payments within the next six to ten months.
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