Homosexual Chemtrails Are Now Being Laced into Doritos

Conservatives warned that if gay marriage were legalized in America, gays would not stop until every person had a taste of their lifestyle.

[adinserter block=”3″]A new development with Doritos, a longtime staple of American tailgate parties and family reunions, reveals all warnings about the homosexualizing of America were 100% spot-on.

This week gays celebrated as Doritos revealed its new ‘Bolder’ campaign.  The chips are purportedly laced with a homosexual chemtrail that if consumed by a straight man, will immediately give him urges to commit acts of homosexuality.  If consumed by an already gay man, it will only accentuate their energetic, alert and vibrant nature.

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A post on Facebook reveals that all of the rainbow Doritos sold out within a day and the CDC warns that it is impossible to tell where all the chips could be by now.  Every gay man at a tailgate party is now at risk of being roofied with these chemtrail chips being mixed with blue and red Indian corn tortilla chips.

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    Mitch says

    I appreciate that someone’s putting in the man hours to expose the evil prophecy warned us of so long ago.

    Homosexual Chemtrails have destroyed my family, one of my cousins so recently falling ill to an outbreak in southern texas.

    Keep fighting the good fight!!!

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    Cookie says

    Haaaa this is wrong! Just cus a company promotes gay rights th at doesn’t make it evil. Its kinda funny how ignorant people like this get so much attention.

  3. Reply
    Jon dough says

    Either you’re having a laugh or you’re barking mad, these damn christians need stop

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