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Obama Uses Mjolnir To Smite Christian For Standing Against Gay Marriage

Conservative social media is buzzing with a new image taken early this morning. A clear shot of a Christian being smote by what appears to be a beam of lightning is the work of Obama, sources close to the White House confirm.

[adinserter block=”3″]One day ago Obama gave control of the US Army to the gays. A Christian colonel in the army defied Obama’s announcement and told him that it was not moral or right for a gay man to lead the US army.

[That is when sources say Obama became upset and stormed off, later audibly saying that any man who stands against gay marriage will pay for ‘his insolence’. Only a day later his image of the colonel being smote through the chest with a beam of lightning appeared on social media.

This is the second time Obama has been accused of striking a Christian with lightning. Video surfaced on Facebook in 2011 that purports to show a Christian being struck not once, but twice, with lightning as they tried to go to Bible study:

Caught on surveillance camera a man gets struck by lighting twice and lives. Latter at the hospital he told doctors he was going to rob the couple that were walking just ahead of him.

Posted by Stan Puckett on Wednesday, April 16, 2014

obama mjolnir to smite christiansIt is no coincidence that over the past several years, Obama has traveled the globe claiming to take ‘vacations’, when he is really scouring around for ancient relics thought to bestow supernatural powers upon those who wield it. In 2010, Obama came upon the iconic hammer Mjolnir, which is said to contain some sort of Satanic power that lets it channel lightning.

The hammer is rumored to be a gift from a Norse prime minister with whom Obama potentially had an affair.

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