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Texas High School Arrests Muslim Student for Turning In Math Homework

(LDN) – When teenager Ahmed Halibi went to his high school in Irving, Texas, on Thursday morning, he was very excited.  The night before he completed a very difficult algebra assignment by himself.

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Pleased with his work, Halibi turned his assignment in to his math teacher and waited to hear praises on how he solved problems that stumped his classmates that were two years older than him.  Instead, the teacher immediately called school police who arrested Halibi.

“I worked very hard on this math assignment and wanted to show my teacher the problems I as able to solve.  Using algebra I was also able to solve some questions for my physics class, without using calculus.  I show all this to her and she called the police on me.”

Classmates looked on in shock as Halibi was dragged away by the authorities.  His teacher allegedly tore his math and physics calculations to shreds, citing that the school’s code does not allow possible materials that can be used for terrorism to be brought into the school.

Many activists are upset as for the second time in a week, a Texas high school has arrested a Muslim student trying to show off academic excellence.  Only several days ago, teenager Ahmed Mohamed was arrested after building a clock to impress his teacher.  The school allegedly thought the clock was a component of a bomb and arrested the teen, who has since received support from the nation’s top scholars and leaders.

Another Muslim Student Arrested

When Halibi walked into a confined office, authorities allegedly started to question him down.  “So, we heard you were trying to make nuclear weapons with your codes here.”

Halibi denied the claims, citing the ripped up papers the authorities were holding were just his math homework.  “All those scribbles and foreign symbols didn’t look like no math to me,” another officer allegedly yelled, trying to intimidate Halibi into a confession.

[adinserter block=”3″]Halibi’s parents were not contacted and the student tried to explain that in some math and physics courses, symbols outside of the American alphabet are used to denote things like a complex math function or a standard value.

Authorities still took Halibi away from his school and did not give back his shredded up homework.  The math teacher reports that Halibi will not receive credit for the work, citing it looked to complex to be math.

While international outrage is brewing on social media, locals around the school are actually praising the actions taken in the case.

Math Homework in Notebook“Well, you hate to say it but you know those Muslims invented math and look at what they are doing with it:  Saddam made WMDs, Iran is trying to build nukes and let us not even talk about the rogue terrorists,” said one mother with students at the school.

She went on to say, “We live in an age where you can’t take things like that to school.”

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