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Scientists Discover Homo naledi, Donald Trump’s Ancient Ancestor

Scientists have discovered a new species of human ancestor — Homo naledi — that show both phenotypic and genotypic relationship to Donald Trump.

An all-female group of researchers discovered over 1,500 separate bones that have reconstructed to show the distinctive Homo naledi.  Though H. naledi has a smaller brain than H. sapiens, these species of human buried its dead and had a distinctive head-shape and jaw-line that is still seen in many humans to this day.

donald trump homo naledi

Donald Trump bears striking resemblance to his newly discovered ancestor H. naledi.

The researchers hit a breakthrough when they were able to reconstruct several skulls that show a striking resemblance to many of their filial offspring, perhaps most notably Donald Trump.

Humans related to H. naledi are noted for very low sloping skulls with jutted jaws and puckered lips, their turgid necks and rigid protruding facial bones meant to protect their brains that are quite smaller than that of H. sapiens.

Homo sapiens may also express confusion at trying to understand the swooping hair that travels both forward and reverse at once in H naledi.  Researchers attribute this to the unique protein barreling of hair strands that come from the zig-zag follicles in H. naledi‘s scalp.

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