Gay Marriage Forces God To Strike California With Wildfires

Gay marriage has forced California to declare a state of emergency.

Thousands of people have been forced to flee the most densely gay populated regions of California as wildfires scorch the ground in epic Biblical fashion. Stunned liberals are shocked by the sheer power and tenacity of these widlfires, but conservatives warned many times that if gay marriage were legalized that God would be forced to issue punishment to America.
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The New York Times report that San Francisco is in a state of high-alert as the fires edge forward.  The fires have burned though over 100,000 acres of land, destroyed over 10,000 homes and are leaving the spent carcasses of schools buses, schools, buildings and other structures in their wake.

Innocent Christian families to newly married gay couples are being awoke in the middle of the night to flee, police banging on doors and telling them to run.

gay marriage firesThe hardest hit region is Napa Valley, famous for its lavishly wealthy Great Gatsby calibre homosexuals who enjoy high-end wines and celebrity studded cocktail parties.

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    Benjamin Dement says

    Why must America deny God and His laws ? So-called Americans lying about our history. Misleading a whole nation into beleiving all slaves were mistreated when they were not. Making up lies about and hating our state and country flags. They are removing God and prayer out of all our schools. Any time a country lives lies and upholds laws that allow homosexual activities and remove God from schools they can expect one thing. Satan……. May they reap what they sow ! Thus saith the Lord.

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