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Are Genetic Homosexuals Planning The Destruction of Heterosexual Species?

In Marvel’s hit cinematic masterpiece ‘The X-men’, the powerfully gay mutant Magneto easily dominates the masculine and testosterone filled Wolverine, a man’s whose passion for Christianity and same-sex marriage defines his sleepless mission for justice.  This scene captures what is happening to Christians in modern society and is Marvel’s way of grooming the public for a future where traditional men and families are cast into extinction.

By now it is obvious that gays have organized a militant campaign to rid the world of traditional Christians and Biblical families.

In the last two years we’ve seen countless states and nations fall to homosexuality, the diversity of gay attacks on the straight populace seeming to be ripped from the annals of the best science fiction:  genetically modified animals attacking families with mind-altering chemtrail water, airplane sorties dousing entire regions with mind-altering substances, inexplicable conversion of anti-gay marriage states to pro-gay marriage states overnight.

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In this new world, those who dare stand against the gay agenda are ripped from their life and thrown to the gulags.  Gays continue to grow in number and power, using their extreme networking and abilities of organization to unleash devastating attacks against heterosexuals trying to preserve humanity’s legacy as a reproductive species whose spread is mandated by the Bible.

Are Genetic Gays A New Super-Species of Human?

Wolverine_lift_by_magnetoThe scientific definition of a species is as follows:  a group of living organisms consisting of similar individuals who choose to exchange genes to further the species by natural breeding.

This very definition means that gays, who choose to not exchange their gametic genes for the purpose breeding, are not of the normal heterosexual species.  Evidence supports that those who are truly homosexual are developing abilities beyond that of normal men.

Think about the empirical evidence.  Genetically gay men regularly display amazingly fast and witty intellect, their genetics routinely giving them well-sculpted and defined bodies that border on phenotypic perfection.

[adinserter block=”1″]It’s not rare to see gay men with perfect hair and smiles, standing a few inches taller than those around them, and it seems that when you see them at the gym they are always lifting a good 70 or 80 pounds more weight than ‘straight’ men who just don’t cut up the same.

Women see their perfection and yearn for them, but gay men have not interest in exchanging genes to further the human species with women.  Much like Homo sapiens did when first encountering knuckle-dragging Neanderthals, it seems true gay men (Euhomosexual sapiens) are most interested in wiping out traditional nuclear families and making more room for same sex households.


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