Obama Arrests Christian Kim Davis For Trying To Protect Gays From Sinning

So it begins, FOR IT IS WRITTEN:

Yes, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution. – 2 Timothy 3:12

On November 3rd, 2015, America officially criminalized Christianity by arresting county clerk Kim Davis for refusing to allow gay people to break Biblical law and get married.


Liberals are making memes to celebrate the criminalization of Christianity. Obama leftists have hauled Christian Kim Davis off to jail for refusing to let gay people get married.

America has a Christian tradition and a Godly heritage, so it stands to reason that America’s laws and practices should reflect its Judeo-Christian foundation.

When gays are being allowed to get married in America, it is breaking both the Abrahamic Covenant and New Covenant (Old Testament and New Testament) in which America is bound by law.

Davis instead stood strong and protected her country and gays from a legal oversight.

Now we see the result.  The liberal media is mocking her and traditional American values.  Obama has allowed Davis to be thrown to the gulags and the liberal courts are going to lock her away for a long time.

America claims is supposed to be a nation that separates church and state, but yet the facts show that the government is now arresting Christians for carrying out America’s traditional lifestyle.

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    Cass says

    #FreeKimDavis Obama is arresting Christians and throwing them into jail. The Bible warned that in the end of days, the righteous would be rounded and up thrown into jail.

    Where will it end? Now, if you don’t agree with gay marriage, you get thrown into jail. What is it next? If you get caught praying before eating a meal in public? If you wear a cross around your neck?

    When we get to that point, what then? It will be gone too far and America will fall apart.

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      Josef says

      The only relevant horror we’re facing results from those (and you) who are so ignorantly defensive toward reality. If you or anybody truly believes this has anything to do with believing in Christ we really are in the end times. Nobody cares where you pray or why, by all means knock yourself out. This is a matter of the law. God bless America, bigots be damned.
      If Kim Davis’ convictions and Christian duty were so resolute, maybe she should have left her job instead of acting as a dime-store martyr.
      America is falling apart with or without the trivial arrest you so desperately need to leverage whatever argument you’re trying to make.

      Keep wearing your cross, nobody will stop you i promise. I will, however, kindly remind you that it’s your brand of idiot that’s keeping us all from moving forward in a way that makes real loving sense. Amen.

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      AWS85 says

      “Now,if you don’t agree with gay marriage, you get thrown into jail.” You are a peon if you actually think that is what happened. She wasn’t jailed for disagreeing. She was jailed for impeding other people’s civil rights. She took an oath to uphold the law of the United States of America and by refusing to issue these marriage licenses she is breaking her oath and the law. Now if she can not fulfill her oath then she must step down.

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    Dan says

    November 3, 2015, is still two months away.

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    Adrian says

    Confirmed, Liberal Darkness employs satanic witches to predict the future and report on upcoming events. This poor Christian woman is not even aware yet that she will be arrested in the future, according to the dates listed in the article.
    I pray that all who are reading these devil stories on this website remember that the evil witches are spreading unholy truths into the world.
    I believe the witches may also be homosexual, however this is fine as the bible only mentions that a man shall not lay with another man and not that a woman shall not lay with another woman.

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