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Jailed For Not Marrying Gays!

Ashland, KY – If you are a Christian and a customer complains about how you do your job, expect to go to jail!

635769028507694122-AP-Gay-Marriage-KentuckyCounty clerk Kim Davis was thrown into jail yesterday for refusing to give marriage licenses to gay couples who stood in her line and knowingly demanded she perform an act that conflicted with her religious beliefs.

Instead of moving to a new country where clerks will give marriage licenses or just getting into another line, gay marriage advocates have created a new slippery slope that allows Christian persecution.

The plight of Kim Davis is tragic.  National polls show the nation is still deeply divided on the issue of gay marriage.

Despite Obama’s hijaked Supreme Court’s ruling that gay marriage should be legalized, the fact remains that over 50% of voting Americans believe God’s moral low convicts them and gay marriage conflicts with their personal beliefs.

[adinserter block=”3″]With the precedent of Kim Davis, Christians everywhere are at risk if they refuse to give a gay person what they want in a place of business.

If a gay couple comes into a bakery and demands to have a cake baked for their wedding, Christians can expect to be arrested if they do not comply. ┬áTeachers in public schools should expect to be forced to teach about gay marriage and in courses that instruct students on copulatory education, they will know have to show how male and female gay couples do it and how they can be ‘safe’ while committing all their common acts.

There are no limits now that we have this precedent and many legal scholars worry that we will soon see many more Christians arrested for refusing to service gays.

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