Donald Trump: “Let’s Invade Mexico And Make America Great Again”

In a shocking closed-door speech before some of his key campaign supporters, Donald Trump purportedly vowed to invade Mexico if voted in as President of the United States.

Trump promised that within weeks of taking office, he would use his presidential authority to ‘invade Mexico and end their threat to America’.

During his speech, Trump laid out his plan to invade Mexico and ensure illegal immigrants never came to America again.

2ACA5ED900000578-3173137-image-a-11_1437730464619“Think about it.  It’s simple.  When America was young, the land had another type of Mexican, they were called Indians then, you know, native Americans.  The Founding Fathers and their descendants realized that the Indians would keep invading their country, so they invaded back and they put them into controlled reservations and when is the last time you heard about Indians bootlegging cocaine across the Rio Grande or demanding we speak Indian instead of English.”

Trump continued his war plans, “We invade Mexico and we put them into controlled reservations.  We take the land.  That is our Manifest Destiny.  We should have done this a long time ago.  We should have done this a long time ago.”

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“Trust me, just look at it now.  We live peacefully with the Indians and there are no invasions or border sneaking going on.  We do the same thing with Mexico and problem solved.”

Much like when Mitt Romney’s infamous “47%” speech surfaced on Mother Jones, Trump’s speech has leaked in several sources online.

Trump’s supporters could be seen visibly cheering for the plans and it is expected Trump’s popularity will continue to soar.


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    Cass says

    November 3rd cannot get here fast enough. I cannot wait to vote for this man and see him sworn in as the 45th president of the United States of America.

    Donald Trump’s vision for our future is like that of the greatest presidents. He is talking about manifest destiny, rugged individualism and free markets. He is talking about America being the leader. He believes in Teddy Roosevelt’s bully pulpit.

    I cannot wait to wave our flags and support our troops as we invade Mexico and take land that we should have taken a long time ago. Trump’s point comparing Mexicans to natives is apt. Look at what we as Americans have done with this great country: we are the leaders of the world. The native tribes that used to occupy this land would not be in this same position.

    So Mexico will be the same.

  2. Reply
    Greg says

    Donald Trump needs a history lesson. Native Americans weren’t the invaders, the white man ( Europeans) were the invaders. They also took what didn’t belong to them because they had no idea how to coexist with the Indians. They also mass murdered the Indians . Is this what America supposed to represent?

  3. Reply
    Douglas says

    This guy is nuts. Trump will make America a very bad place to live.

  4. Reply
    Josh says

    You people actually believe this horseshit????

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