Donald Trump: “Jeb Bush Is Crazy, Who Cares That He Speaks Mexican, This is America, English !!”

The magnificent Donald Trump took to Twitter to lay down the law once again. Behold the beautiful tweet of the day:

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Trump-tweet- (1)What is so great about this Tweet is that despite saying ‘Mexican’ instead of ‘Spanish’ and using incorrect punctuation, Donald Trump is not going to apologize.

What America is seeing is if guys like Teddy Roosevelt, Andrew Jackson or Lyndon Johnson had access to Twitter in their days.

Trump is just going to throw whatever he wants on the table and watch everyone around him cry, while he moves on to his next item of business.

[adinserter block=”1″]Liberals can cry all they want, but Trump continues to surge in the Republican polls.  It is important to remember that Trump today also went against the grain and wants to tax the 1% more, making him now a palatable selection for more conservative Democrats.  Trump says one of his first items of business in office will be introducing higher tax for the wealthy who are weaseling out of paying taxes now.  He includes himself in the number of Americans who would pay higher taxes.

Of course the radical left-wing media is trying to make his Twitter comment big news today, when the true big news is that Trump’s fiscal policy is centrist as far as taxes go.  This makes him a savory choice for Democrats and fiscally smart Republicans who want to see America’s economy dominant again on that issue.

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    Joe Tatangelo says

    Ask the residents of Mesa AZ and the other snow bird cities, if they want to keep the Canadians out

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