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North Korea Unveils New Time Travel Technology, Vows to Send South Korea, America, ‘Back to 1950s’

kim unNorth Korean state media released footage showing Kim Jong Un standing before his generals and in front of a new time machine that reclusive fascist state claims ‘can defy space and time to destroy the enemies of the Great Leader’.

Kim boasted that only weeks ago, he was able to test and use the machine to cause all of North Korea to fall 30 minutes behind the rest of Earth’s time. ¬†Due to this North Korea reports it had to create its own time zone.

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South Korea went into a state of heightened alert as North Korea’s threats were precipitated by threats of war and a missile attack.

While sources remain dubious of Kim’s claims that North Korea has mastered time travel and can use it to destroy the United States and its allies, there are recent visitors who report flying over North Korea is like ‘stepping into a time machine’ and it seems the country has truly managed to transport itself out of space-time with the rest of the modern civilized world.


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