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Jared Fogle Becomes the Butt of Countless $5 Footlong Jokes

Being the butt of the joke typically brings knowing, smiling grimaces and groans, but for Subway’s former spokesperson Jared Fogle the jokes are the harbingers of an ominous reality that prison experts predict will befall the disgraced sandwich king.

Fogle appeared before a federal court in Indiana and plead guilty to heinous charges levied against him.   Yahoo! news reports that Larry Levine, a jail consultant, believes Fogle will definitely be a marked man in prison.  The tide of popular culture appears to agree with the assessment.

Social media has been flooded with numerous comedians and commentators offering their spin on ‘Bubba gonna ogle Fogle’-styled headlines and commentary.   Prison experts predict Fogle will always be isolated and not have association with anyone, which is a dangerous condition for a person in prison.


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