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Confirmed: Batman Is A Homosexual

It is a remarkable dichotomy. In many ways, Batman is the most Christian of us all. Then…he shoots from the Batcave in an expensive foreign car, donning skin-tight black leathers as he leads the stocking-clad Robin into the midnight streets of Gotham to engage in exhausting muscle-bound masochism with dangerously costumed fetishists, and it is difficult not to think of him as a homosexual. And how shocking it does not occur to him.

[adinserter block=”3″]gghbAfter my last expose into DC comic’s agenda to use their new Justice League Cinematic Universe to promote homosexuality unto a new generation, I received thousands of irate emails from maligned Batman fans who demanded any accusations of Batman being an outright homosexual be immediately redacted.

The simple fact of the matter is that even though Bruce Wayne exhibits strong traits of conservative Christianity, there is just no denying that homosexuality is implicit to Batman’s logos, ethos and pathos.

clooney_batmanHistoricity of Batman’s Blatant Homosexuality

Batman debuted in 1937.  Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger wrote ‘The Bat-man’ into Detective Comics #27, headlining a short titled, “The Case of the Chemical Syndicate”.

The story started with a company named Apex Chemical Corporation allegedly lacing local supplies of food and water with a coloured chemical (see:  homosexual chemtrails) that made men act ‘strange’ upon consumption.  Bruce Wayne was one of the men who consumed the chemical and he found his daily habits ‘change’ due to it.

He noticed that his mental acuity became sharp and witty, his body suddenly teaming with muscles that were only outdone by his new-found tastes for expensive cars and dapper fashions.  Bruce Wayne found his mind restless late at night, yearning to carry out masochist fantasies upon the bodies of other men.  Ever the detective, Wayne traced his urges back to Apex Chemical Corporation and receive permission from Commissioner Gordon to ‘don a disguise’ and investigate.

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After one outing as the black leather clad ‘Bat-man’, Bruce Wayne found himself impossibly attracted to late night romps with criminals.  His hunger to go out and dominate other men in costumes grew into a crazed obsession.  Throughout the history of Bat-man comics, Batman himself is known to free criminals from prison, so he can go ravage their bodies again, and again, and again.

Naming Robin as a Love Interest



Rampant Innuendo



Donning the Rainbow Flag



Whimsical Pole Dancing




Be it the campy and ironic theatrical Batman of the Adam West era, or the more assertive, brooding and sleek Batman of the Bruce Timm era, the fact remains that character represents classic hallmarks of homosexuality in every appearance.

A Gayer Batman for a New Age of Liberal Darkness

With heterosexuals being shunned by popular culture, per capita homosexuality and acceptance are at all time highs.  The Hollywood movie industry stands to profit greatly by taking advantage of popular culture’s increased infatuation with the fast-paced, exotic and gay lifestyle.

It has long been speculated that Matt Damon has been Ben Afleck’s personal little Robin, a fact that was scripted by Afleck in Good Will Hunting.  So it is no surprise that Afleck is excitedly taking up the mantle for not only Batman v. Superman, but also a film trilogy.

Christian parents should beware that weather they realize it or not, men who watch Batman and enjoy the character are likely confused by their own sexuality.  Batman represents their inner desires to act out the ultimate of gay lifestyle:  a fabulously wealthy Renaissance man who battles with his genetic urge to procreate and stand for righteousness, as seen by his innate need to subdue criminal and kick illegal aliens like Superman out of the United States.  But an even greater battle takes place in his heart:  a battle against homosexuality.

When Bruce Wayne dawns the cowl, he gives into his homosexual desires:  dominating other men, using the latest gadgets in his fantasies and defying anyone to stand in his way.


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