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CDC: 50% Of British Young Adults Are No Longer Heterosexual

A new report from the CDC confirms that 50% of youth in Britain confirm they are no longer heterosexual.   The numbers confirm that homosexuality in Britain is spreading far faster than anticipated by scientific models.

Homosexuality has reached a critical R0 > 1, meaning that its transmission rate has reached a point that surpasses the Spanish Flu of the 1920s.  The basic transmission rate of homosexuality is even more contagious and virile than measles, pertussis and even the whooping cough.

Values of R0 of well-known infectious syndromes
Syndrome Transmission R0
Homosexuality Airborne, Bodily Fluid, Chemtrails, Genetic Engineering, Choice/Grooming 47-53
Measles Airborne 12–18
Pertussis Airborne droplet 12–17
Diphtheria Saliva 6–7
Smallpox Airborne droplet 5–7
Polio Fecal-oral route 5–7
Rubella Airborne droplet 5–7
Mumps Airborne droplet 4–7
HIV/AIDS Sexual contact 2–5
SARS Airborne droplet 2–5[2]
(1918 pandemic strain)
Airborne droplet 2–3[3]
(2014 Ebola outbreak)
Bodily fluids 1.5-2.5[4]

For years conservatives have warned that if gay marriage were legalized, the lines between moral gender roles would be irreversibly blurred and humanity’s reproductive future would be at stake.

Young adults are being told that gay marriage is normal and that there is no danger in experimenting with homosexuality and perhaps even taking up the lifestyle.

The problem is that the more youth that fail to be attracted and fall into a reproductive relationship with the opposite gender, the less live human births there will be.

This puts Britain in grave danger in another 20 to 30 years, as the growing youth cohort in the nation is failing to create enough children to take on important roles in military, service and being trained as the next generation of working adults for the nation.

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What Is The Big Picture?

Why are so many politicians and wealthy families suddenly supporting the gay marriage cause? Just 20 years ago, television sitcoms were being shut down if the series lead confessed homosexuality and the America’s Defense of Marriage Act was respected and obeyed by most Western governments.

It is important to understand that humanity is at a crucial population point. Professor Stephen Hawking predicts that if humans continue to reproduce at the current rate and do not find a habitable planet that can be reached by spaceships, that humans will cause a ecological catastrophe that will likely end with the extinction of the human race.

Wealthy families are taking that warning to heart and using the opportunity to band together and whittle down the numbers of humans worldwide. With a smaller population, a few powerful families can rule and reshape the world in their image. Among those trying to cut down humanity so they can rule are the most vocal advocates of gay marriage, especially Barack Obama.

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