Gay Couple To Sue Chipotle After “Spouse’s Addiction Ruined Our Marriage”

Chevy Chase, Maryland – A gay Maryland couple is to sue Chipotle after a spouse’s addiction to the restaurant allegedly lead to bedroom difficulties and eventually divorce.

[adinserter block=”3″]The backstory here starts when Larry and Sam, who married immediately after the Supreme Court’s decision to allow gay marriage in the United States relocated and bought a brand new home to celebrate the start of their life together.

Sam’s new employer was located very near a Chipotle and every day, Sam and his co-workers got into the habit of making the Chipotle restaurant their go-to lunch spot.

Trouble started for the family when one night, Larry attests, that he was in a romantic mood and attempted to make love to his husband.  Divorce papers cite Sam responded to his husband’s bedroom request, “I can’t.  I had a Chipotle burrito.”

top10-3bLarry laughed off the incident, but soon found no humor after a 3-week stretch that his spouse continually denied his advances, citing unfavorable intestinal conditions brought about by consumption of burritos with a side of guac every day for lunch.

The couple is now convinced that the food lead to continued bedroom difficulties that eventually lead to infidelity and one of Maryland’s first cases of gay divorce.



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    Cass says

    The first time I went into a Chipotle I just new it was a gay hangout. The sterile, mingling line and brushed metal fixtures in the restaurant were dead give-aways for me. I wish there was a Mexican version of Chik-fil-A for when I want to get my family quick, authentic Mexican food. These cultural hang-outs like Chipotle should put out a disclaimer that they are fetish restaurants.

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    Bill Black says

    He was probably banging the manager.

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