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Mitt Romney to Move Beloved Children’s Show Sesame Street to HBO


This article is brought to you by the letters H.B.O. That’s right kids. The beloved children’s show we all grew up watching is being moved to the adult channel HBO. Former Obama running mate, Mitt Romney threatened this television show back in 2012 when in the heated presidential debate with Barack Obama. Mr. Romney cut the funding for Sesame Street from the home network channel of PBS where the show has aired for more than 45 seasons.


Now, with Sesame Street moving to HBO, the show is now going to be based off of popular series that currently run on the channel such as Game of Thrones and The ‘L’ word. Mr. Romney thinks he has won by moving this educational show onto an adult channel that no parent will allow their children to watch. But, little does he know that his funding cuts to the home network station PBS isn’t going to last. The public will NOT stand for this kind of cruelty towards such a beloved show that has educated the offspring of the masses for ages!

Sesame Street will be airing on HBO this fall of 2015. And so The Count is counting down until then.

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