Straight Outta Kenya: The Story of How One Man Named Obama Destroyed Christian America

America is now about to witness the power of Liberal Darkness.

obama straight out of kenya

[adinserter block=”3″]Straight outta Kenya, crazy ‘president’ named Obama who,
gives all his speeches with ‘Uhhh, uhh’ platitudes,
When he’s pissed off, your rights are striked off,
Unleashes Jade Helm and Americans are hauled off,
Down in Texas puttin’ gay chemtrails in the air and sea,
Turning everyone L.G.B.T.,
Men wanting other men that’s how it’s turning out,
Soon he’ll turn all America gay and that’s without a doubt,
And if Christians start to mumble and wanna rumble,
Obama’s liberal media will call them all ‘Dumbo’,
it’s wrong to treat nice people like that,
With sinful laws that’s pointed at,
Yo ass–making pastors give it up smooth,
You’ll get arrested if you tell them you don’t want a ‘bareback jack move’,
Good Americans are runnin’ and Obama’s just sittin’,
With a crime record like Bill Clinton,
SCOTUS is the tool,
Obama’s using to make the nation his fool,
We gotta fight toe to toe, there’s no maybe,
Or he’ll keep destroying Christianity, daily,
Yo weekly, monthly and yearly,
Until everyone can see clearly,
That he’s down with the 2 x 333,
Think about that mathematically,
So when Obama’s in your neighborhood, you better duck,
Cause POTUS is a fearless liberal lame duck,
[adinserter block=”4″]As he leaves, believe he’ll be stomping,
All over the Constitution, he’s coming straight outta Kenya

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    Lisa says

    The only evil I see are you people who believe this crap. You are the epitome of evil with your black heart, straight from hell. And paranoid/delusional which goes with your evi, black heart and soulless existence.

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