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Ferguson Police Shoot Black Protester At One Year Anniversary of Michael Brown

On August 10th, 2014, Ferguson, Missouri, was thrown into chaos after footage of a teen named Michael Brown being shot by Ferguson police officer Darrin Wilson circulated through news media.

20150810_FERGUSON-slide-ELXQ-mediumThreeByTwo210The city became a warzone that eventually had battle tanks and police armed with the same weapons US soldiers are using in Iraq battling crowds of American protesters, defying them to use their First Amendment rights of assembly and protest.

Today’s shooting as sparse details but Ferguson Police are reporting crowds of protesters started trouble, opening up fire on parked cars and police officers. ¬†Ground reports from the city confirm people are crying and asking, ‘Why did they do it’ and there seems to be a body that’s been gunned down. ¬† Mixed reports are suggesting the bloody body found on the ground may have been shot by Ferguson police officers.

The New York Times reports:

12:00 a.m.

St. Louis County Police say an officer who came under heavy gunfire returned shots amid a protest in Ferguson.

The department confirmed the shooting in a statement on Sunday night, less than an hour after shots rang out as hundreds had gathered to mark the anniversary of the death of Michael Brown. The police department tweeted that at least two unmarked cars were hit by gunfire.

It wasn’t immediately clear whether any one was injured in the shooting, but minutes after the shots were heard, an Associated Press photographer saw a man lying face down, covered in blood, behind a boarded-up restaurant. It wasn’t immediately clear how badly the man was injured.

Later, an AP reporter saw a woman overcome with grief. Friends were consoling her. She screamed: “Why did they do it?” Another woman nearby fainted.

A man nearby said, “They killed my brother.”

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