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10,000 Republicans Call for “Bimbo” Megyn Kelly To Be Fired From Fox News After Snubbing Donald Trump

The 2016 Presidential debates hosted by Fox News featured a surprise as the three Fox News ‘moderators’, lead by Megyn Kelly, attempted to smear and discredit leading GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump.

All throughout the debate, Megyn Kelly tried to paint Trump as a misogynistic idiot, to which Trump gave a masterful display of why so many people find themselves liking him.

Instead of trying to dodge Kelly’s questions, Trump went on the offensive, letting her know that he has no problem with women, he just doesn’t like Rosie O’Donnell. ¬†He then took to Twitter to continue bringing his wrath down upon Megyn Kelly and her patently biased and meant to injure and not provide debate questions:

After that heated exchange, over 10,000 people have called for Kelly to be banned from hosting future GOP debates and moral blog Redstate is being inundated with complaints after the Editor-in-Chief not only uninvited Trump, but purportedly is trying to get into Kelly’s knickers by inviting her in Trump’s place.


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