Gays Are Lacing Vaccines with Homosexual Chemtrails to ‘Cure’ Heterosexuality

Powerful gays embedded in the pharmaceutical industry have collaborated with Barack Obama to destroy heterosexuality once and for all.  It looks like the whistleblowers in the anti-vaccination movement had it right all along.

[adinserter block=”1″]The systemic extermination of heterosexual desire will begin next week, as students nationwide will have to get vaccinations to go back to school.   Insiders reveal that these mandatory vaccinations will be laced with microscopic amounts of homosexual chemtrail that will lay dormant in the child’s bloodstream, but can be transmitted from their saliva or if they cough on their fathers.  In an adult body, the homosexual chemtrail fully manifests and delivers its chemical payload, dramatically increasing risk of homosexual conversion.

Sources report that the Obama Administration has conspired with several pharmaceutical groups that have vested interest in increasing the rate of homosexuality in the United States.   Studies by the CDC show that due to their hectic lifestyle that typically include high-stress corporate jobs, devotion to grueling late night parties, travel to exotic locations and relying on Red-bull benders to avoid sleep leave the immune system of gay men exhausted and in need of pharmaceutical boosters.

gays invent 'cure' for heterosexualitySince gay men, especially those who are married and have a double-male income home, tend to be big spenders, they will always demand their doctors write name brand prescriptions and none of the cheap $4 Obamacare Wal-mart generics that financially vulnerable heterosexual fathers are often forced to buy their families out of economic necessity.

On average, gay households spend $40,000 a year more on prescriptions than lower income heterosexual households.   Recent polls, for instance, show that gays are more likely to see their doctor if they get a cough and demand fancy medications such a Tessalon Pearls, where as a heterosexual male will try to ‘tough it out’ and treat his child’s whooping cough with Mentholatum and Dollar Store Tussin.

#CureHomosexuality:  The End of Christianity and the Heterosexual Lifestyle

[adinserter block=”3″]The United States Government has been bought out and hijacked by wealthy gay power-players.  In only twenty years, the United States went from being a country that would remove a sitcom from television if the series lead was revealed to be XX-gay, to not only celebrating the gay lifestyle, but forcing Christians to partake in gay marriage or be fined and arrested.

The Supreme Court has made it illegal for the nuclear family to defend itself.  If anyone, even the governor of a state, tries to stop a gay couple from marrying, they can be arrested.  If a church pastor declares gay marriage unconstitutional, he can have his church taken away and his cross ripped off by Obama’s SS.

The new homosexual chemtrail infused vaccine to destroy heterosexuality is being placed in not back-to-school vaccines, but also polio and flu vaccines that will start rolling out in late 2015.  These inoculations will very potent, as the flu virus will spread in the human body and literally inject each and every cell with potent doses of chemical homosexuality.

Amidst suffering from a burning fever and exhausted muscles, a man suffering from homosexual chemtrail induced influenze will find himself growing weaker and weaker against overwhelming urges to seek out foreign testosterone.  These threats are very real and with gays using the pharmaceutical industry against straight marriage, by 2050 the United States will have hardly any Christian, nuclear families in existence.

Beware the #cureheterosexuality vaccination movement, for it is meant to destroy Christianity and nuclear families once and for all.  The Christian Defense League of Texas recommends families to warn each other of these new vaccination risks as we head into another school year and cold and flu season.

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    Cass says

    This is exactly why I am not letting my kids get vaccinated this school year. I knew as soon as gay marriage was legalized, we would start seeing things such as this.

    I am not one to advocate for a ‘one world’ government, but I think there should be a clause in the Geneva Convention to protect nuclear families. With left-wing schemes such as this, it is obvious the US government is hijacked and there are forces out there trying to completely wipe out the nuclear family and traditional marriage.

    I believe homosexuals wish to not co-exist with Christian families, but instead destroy them. They want traditional nuclear families that consist of a male father and a female mother to be things of the past and only found in history books. They would rather use science to create test tube babies and raise them in same-sex households, completing defeating nature’s point of trying to ensure every life was raised by a male and female.

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      Cass says


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    Al says

    If Fox “News” gets ahold of this satirical piece, they will undoubtedly report it as real news! Actually, there are probably a lot of the Republican leadership that unbelievably will think (or at least say to their whako base) that this is really going on. The comment above has GOT to be sarcasm, knowing that it is only satirical. Right, Cass?

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    Jerry says

    Why isn’t this tagged “Comedy?”

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    Brad says

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    Ken M2 says

    What are you talking about??? There is nothing funny about this at all. It’s scary.

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