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Obama Plans To Invade Middle Earth and Enforce Gay Marriage Upon All The Lands

During the days of Jade Helm Obama invaded the heartland of America with enforcement of gay marriage, primarily Texas, for his desire was to rule the weak of morality by feeding their wanton desires of carnality.  Full of the gluttony of self-pleasure, the public is passive and non-resistant.

While promising carnal pleasures and free money for all who followed him, Obama arose to be praised by those who voted to dwell in his new kingdom of liberal darkness.

obama gay marriage enforce middle earth texas jade helmThe holy light which once shown down upon America — from sea to shining sea — was hidden from the land.  The warmth of God’s love and light was lost to the people, their cold hearts and spirits coalescing with that former warmth to create great storm clouds of iniquity that blinded all to what is wrong and right.

Little did the nation of growing liberal iniquity realize that their new great leader, the exalted Obama, was not a ‘sincere’ gay-marriage advocate or atheist. Indeed, he preached gay marriage and atheism, but alas, he did so only because it weakened public resistance to himself.   Obama lost his fear of God upon taking office in 2008, when his supporters praised his name.

[adinserter block=”3″]Jade Helm is destroying the muscle of Christianity American home by American home, person by person.  For every one American who agrees with gay marriage and Obama’s liberal agenda to destroy America’s Christian heritage and Godly tradition, the closer Obama gets to his end-goal of creating a new Kush dynasty of false gods, immoral Bacchus gluttony and pharaoh worship.  America’s might will be used to defend what is wrong in the eyes of the Creator.

And thus it has come to pass, the more Obama preaches gay marriage and attacks Christianity, the more the vocal radical liberals exalt him, not caring if he truly espouses his true beliefs.

Gay Marriage:  The Harbinger of The Fall of America

In the days of Middle Earth, there arose a great kingdom named the United States of America.  The lands were pure and green, the rugged rockiness of the Eastern coast giving lease to the rolling, green grassy knolls of the heartland where Christianity grew as fervently as the bountiful wheat and corn beneath the golden glimmer of the God-sent summer suns.

But the high heats of sodomy legalization forced upon the heartlands destroyed the natural order that once brought a cornucopia of morality that spilled back to those rugged Eastern shores and extended out West to the peaceful, crashing palisades of the Pacific.

[adinserter block=”3″]Drought in California:

drought in california







The water-starved lands of California give birth to dusty death and despair.  Farmers struggle to cultivate lands not much larger than their tractors, so that their families may not descend into a poverty and death, returning to the Earth from whence they came starved, emaciated and supporting gay marriage.

Alas, for every one Californian who supports gay marriage, the longer the drought upon the lands shall last.

Racial Tension:

In the land of Texas, morality is confused and the citizens without a guide between right and wrong.  There are increasing reports of tension and bad decisions in Texas.  Citizen responsibility, jurisprudence and honesty are all clouded because everyone is confused about gay marriage.

Christian Persecution:

Sources reveal cities are arresting ministers who refuse to perform gay marriage ceremonies.


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