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Donald Trump: “If Hillary Clinton Can’t Satisfy Her Husband What Makes Her Think She Can Satisfy America?”

Donald Trump is still standing atop the GOP leader board. He opens his mouth and whatever comes out, he sticks to. That tactic has worked for him but allegedly he did not stick by his latest Tweet in the form of a dig at Hillary Clinton:

donald trump

“If Hillary Clinton Can’t Satisfy Her Husband What Makes Her Think She Can Satisfy America?”

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While some commentators on social media speculate the deleted Tweet will drive millions of women to vote for Hillary, don’t be so confident.  Donald Trump will laugh it up and likely only see his popularity top 30%, especially as Hillary is forced to address Benghazi and Emailgate in the coming week.

While Trump may seem like he’s just an old coot running a Lex Luthor real estate scheme on the American voters, he still has a shrewd business sense and savvy.  For those who haven’t read  ‘Is Trump Pulling a Nigerian 419 Scam?’, you should take the time to read it.  It shows the type of campaign Trump is running and not only why it is working, but why it puts him in the strongest position come election time.

For the too long, didn’t read version of it, Trump is trying to cut out his section of ‘devoted’ followers by sticking to his guns.  It is working, perhaps more than Trump expected.  When it comes time for primaries, Trump could technically pull a third party campaign.  He has deep pockets and can fly solo, taking a large swath of GOP votes with him.  This likely scares the GOP, who would then be forced into a fractured fight in all likelihood Hillary Clinton and a very strong running mate.

Whatever the case, Trump comes out on top.  If the entire campaign just gives him a bigger platform to launch future properties, he’s increased his media marketability and economics.  If he manages to keep a reign on the GOP and drag it further into Tea Party Harbor, then he’s become a political juggernaut whose name will not just be ‘economic jester who provided salacious headlines in the run-up to the 2016 primaries’.

Only time will tell, but do not be fooled by Trump’s Tweets and antics;  this is all calculated with business savvy.

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