Gay Marriage: Mother Gives Birth To Child, Maternity Test Reveals She Is Not The Mother

Galway City, Ireland – Gay marriage legalization has destroyed a heterosexual marriage in Ireland and given Christian couples yet another threat to worry about.

[adinserter block=”3″]Gavin O’Malley, of Galway City, Ireland, is the victim of having a wife who failed a maternity test.  The backstory here took place several weeks ago after the O’Malley family went to their local hospital to give birth to their child.

Both O’Malley and his wife are Caucasian, so Mr. O’Malley was shocked and hurt to see the baby had African-American features after being born.

“My heart immediately felt crushed, my parents were in the waiting room and I couldn’t bear to tell them that the child was probably not mine.”

O’Malley demanded a paternity and was shocked when he found the results: by a 99.9% margin, he was the father.  Stunned, the medical staff at the hospital carried out a maternity test and found that there was a 0.3% chance that Mrs. O’Malley was the mother of the child.

gay marriage three person babiesIncreased Homosexuality Leading to ‘Three Person’ Babies

The medical anomaly above is the result of gay marriage legalization in Ireland.  With gay marriage and lifestyle now highly popular in the country, social media trends show that straight couples are ‘cheating and experimenting’ with members of the same gender.

[adinserter block=”4″]According to O’Malley, he wife confessed that she indeed cheated on him, but with another woman.  Medical officials believe that after copious amounts of intimacy, Mrs. O’Malley’s lesbian partner’s egg somehow ended up with her vis-a-vis cheating.  Mr. O’Malley later impregnated that egg, which lead to his wife growing a child that belonged to her lesbian lover.

While the scenario may sound bizarre, this is not the first report of a ‘three person baby’ since the rise of gay marriage.  Officials in England have seen the incident of three-person babies so often now, they have legalized ‘three person baby’ relationships so that a economic tragedy can be avoided with fathers and double-mothers trying to avoid financial responsibility.


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    Eleanor Forman says

    How does a lesbian lover’s egg end up inside a woman where it is then somehow fertilized by her husband? Flat-out impossible. Evenif it WERE possible, that has NOTHING to do with gay marriage. It was a heterosexual marriage!

    • Reply
      Oli says

      Source on how it’s ‘flat-out impossible’? It isn’t or atleast shouldn’t be; when the two women were rubbing there genitalia together, it is quite possible the ovum from one person was transferred over to the other person. This is especially true if the donor was on her period or especially aroused. Claiming it’s ‘flat-out impossible’ because you can’t work it out is a rather silly thing to do.
      It’s (very weak) connection to gay marriage is that with gay relations being normalised more people are willing to experiment with people of the other sex, it actually says that in the text.
      P.s CAPITALISING words makes the text look ridiculous and your point therefore looks ridiculous.

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