Are The Gays Mind Controlling President Obama?

Have gays conspired to mind control President Obama to spread their agenda throughout the world and destroy Christianity by 2016?

With their powerful Wall Street networks and affinity for academia — particularly sciences and fine arts — gays have quickly become one of the most powerful interest groups of modern times.  As seen throughout history, interest groups with such power and influence will go to extremes to force their will on the common majority, much as we are seeing as gays are forcing their lifestyle on decent, hardworking heterosexual Christians all around the world.

whitehouserainbowThe image at right has been circulating on social media.  It shows a giant drone flying over the White House, seemingly firing some sort of photonic homosexual chemtrail at the White House.

The photograph in question is from late 2013, incidentally when Obama started to make his first major push to legalize gay marriage with a zealot’s fervor.

Everyone should be alarmed by Obama’s views on gay marriage, as 99% of Kenya does not support gay marriage rights.  That a man from Kenya should become US president and support gay marriage is just a statistical improbability, lending more credence to the evidence showing Obama is simply under a gay mind control that he cannot break.

Days ago, Obama went to Kenya for no reason other than to demand the country immediately legalize gay marriage.  Kenya refused to comply and Obama left in an upset tiff, causing an international incedent.  Why would Obama do this?

[adinserter block=”3″]Bioweapons Being Used To Alter A Man’s Homosexuality

Since 2014 the CDC reports that a shocking 2.2% of men in America are now confirming their homosexuality.  This is a jump of over 50% from the historic Bush era.

Even more startling, an estimated 53% of men are secretive or agnostic about their homosexuality.  While Obama has not confirmed such himself, his actions are clearly standing against America’s Constitutional duty to ensure marriage remains between a man and woman.

All throughout the world, new reports of gays being typically resourceful and persistent in converting straight men to their cause is numerous.  The entire state of Indiana has fallen into agreement with homosexuality and even in Texas, new field reports show that some churches are welcoming gays into their doors to get married.

Obama’s laser focus on gay rights is very clearly the work of mind alteration.

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    Tatum says

    I can’t believe how stupid this man is…it’s just really..really sad..like……wow.

  2. Reply
    ember says

    they’re on to us…

  3. Reply
    Im-here says

    “seemingly firing some sort of photonic homosexual chemtrail” Photonic means light. So they are spraying people with light? That sounds tragic.

    • Reply
      Im-here says

      Forgot to add, what is a “gay pheromone”? Being gay is part of your brain. Its not a transmittable pheromone.

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