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Obama Visits Kenya, Attempts to Enforce Gay Marriage and Dethrone Christian President Uhuru Kenyatta

obama reclaiming throne in kenya

Dramatic artist’s rendition shows Barack Obama kicking Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta into a bottomless pit after the democratically elected Kenyan president refused to give in to Obama’s demands to make Nairobi, Kenya, a sodomy-megoloplis for gay marriage.

Obama has made yet another attempt to destroy Jesus, allow gay marriage and rule in a new kingdom of liberal darkness.

During his visit to Kenya, President Obama declared a new age of liberal darkness for the nation.  As his first order of business, Obama demanded that the nation betray its moral heritage and immediately allow gay marriage.   Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta stood his ground and rebuked Obama, declaring Kenya would continue to stand its ground and allow only marriage between a man and woman.

Human rights advocates are very concerned, however, as Obama was born in Kenya and may make a power play to invade — using the US army — and declare himself pharaoh of Kenya, pushing him one nation closer to global domination and also putting him over Kenya’s vast limestone, oil and salt industry.

Obama warned Texas to allow gay marriage, then we saw the state was hit with floods and wildfires, all months before Obama declared the Jade Helm military invasion.  Now Texans are being forced to allow gay marriage.  Will he do the same in Kenya?

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