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New Chinese Super City, Jing-Jin-Ji, To Have 130 Million People Population

China is building a new super-city that will feature Beijing as the heart of the new megalopolis.  The new city, Jing-Jin-Ji, is to house over 130 million Chinese residents.  The size of Jing-Jin-Ji will cover an area larger than the state of Kansas and its population will dwarf New York City.

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201412101418191573181_49Chinese officials say the city is part of a revolutionary new theory of how to grow modern urban centers.  Economists in China believe the creation of the city will supercharge the economy of Northern China and allow strict government regulations on family size to wane.

Jing-Jin-Ji will likely become an economic powerhouse as it attracts business enterprises from around the globe.  If successful, economic analysts believe Jing-Jin-Ji can become the cultural hub of Western and Eastern commerce.

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