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Gay Marriage Is Causing a Constipation of Morality in America

Gay marriage is causing a constipation of morality in America.  Ever since the Supreme Court ruled that American families would be forced to allow gay marriage, America’s Christian values and unity have fallen all apart.

[adinserter block=”3″]Morality and decency have clogged up since the unConstitutional Supreme Court ruling to allow gay marriage.  The citizens of the country are becoming restless and confused, no longer certain what the meaning of life is now that federal law says procreation of humanity — an act only possible by a man and woman joining together to reproduce — is morally repugnant and not necessary.

The gay marriage ruling has confused citizens of South Carolina so much that now race wars are breaking out.  In Texas, terrorized Christians are being forced to bake gay marriage cakes and perform gay marriage wedding ceremonies.  All this is taking place as Obama stages a mock invasion of Christian strongholds, a military action codenamed ‘Jade Helm’.

But the moral quagmire does not stop with just humanity.  All over the globe, sharks have sensed something is off with humanity.  Only today, a pro surfer had to use his bared hands to fight off two sharks that tried to eat him.  Sharks are beaching themselves in efforts to eat humans, which has only taken place after the legalization of gay marriage in America.

America Has Rejected the Basic Meaning of Life, So What Awaits Humanity Future?

There is no longer a moral code for humanity.  It is quite blatant that the meaning of life is the continuation of the species.  The human species cannot continue until a man and a woman come together to create life.  The sacred definition of marriage is founded on that scientific concept.

But now, by law, human lives do not matter.  Since we are saying it does not matter if two men waste their genetic gift to create life with a gay marriage with each other (unable to create children), then we are basically giving police a right to say ‘no lives matter’.  Why do you think there is suddenly so much police violence against civilians?

Again, this is because police are confused, like the rest of humanity.  It just does not make sense.  If gay marriage must be legal, then it must be legal to beat citizens and not care about their lives.

8177702_GUnfortunately, not even a month has passed since America betrayed its Constitution and allowed gay marriage.  There is no telling what other sorts of malady awaits humanity now that a moral bottom-line has been completely destroyed by gay marriage.

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