Washington Mayor Calls “Gorilla Face Michelle Obama”, Evolution Theory To Blame

[adinserter block=”3″]A key tenet of the theory of evolution is belief that man descended from monkeys, particularly a lemur monkey named Ida.

Despite no credible truth to evolutionary theory, unfortunately for decades now the US Department of Education has been enabled to teach this as fact to elementary school children.  Today, there are millions of American adults who believe man and monkey are one in the same, that there is not an evolutionary difference.

Enter Airways Heights, Washington, mayor Patrick Rushing.  Liberal media is up in arms after Rushing allegedly made a comment that ‘Gorilla face Michelle Obama’ could only be attractive to ‘monkey-man Barack Obama.

While the comments are surely impolite and not quite social etiquette, why is the liberal media suddenly up in arms for someone agreeing with the theory of evolution?  If we are all evolved from lemur monkeys, is it really offensive to say that a human looks like a monkey?  Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny, so if evolution is true it would only make sense that humans have vestigial artifacts from our prior form.  Seems reasonable enough?

But when that theory is applied to real life, we see the liberal’s adherence to this cockamamie logic fall apart.   Of course humans are superior to primates and any suggestion otherwise is ridiculous.  When Mayor Patrick Rushing, however, supported liberal theory with his words, we see the outrage.  Liberals are outraged because at the end of the day, evolutionary theory is offensive.  Humans should not be compared to primates.

So you cannot have it both ways.  Either Mayor Rushings words are not offensive, because all humans look like are ‘evolutionary ancestors’, or we just have to admit that God created mankind in his image and that evolution is a bunch of malarkey.

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    Bruce Kahn says

    I’d be inclined to agree with you if your understanding of human origins was not so wrong.

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