Texans Organize ‘Minutemen Troop Training’ Counterstrike To Stop Obama’s Jade Helm Invasion of Gay Marriage and Liberal Darkness

Texas will soon be the battleground on which Americans make their first stand against Obama’s invasion of a Christian stronghold in America.

obama jade helm

Advertisements in Texas call for citizens to be prepared for Obama’s invasion of gay marriage, taking away their guns and Christian persecution.

Intelligence officials in Texas have intercepted communiques within the Obama administration that prove Operation Jade Helm is a front to invade Christian households in Texas and enforce gay marriage.

Federal troops will invade Texas on July 15th and under the guise of ‘military training’, provide Obama a beachhead into America’s most economically robust and per-capita Christian state.

Much as they did with the Alamo, Texans will be forced to stand brave and alone, fighting a socialist for their God-given rights of Religious Freedom and livelihood.  Obama has made it clear that he will enforce gay marriage in Texas and believes Mexico has a right to Texan land.

Texas Governor Abbott has warned the state to be on ‘high alert’ as Obama will begin an invasion with 1000s of troops on July 15th.  Abbott has organized former marines to organize minutemen militia to carry out counter-ops and ‘keep an eye’ on Obama’s troops, all while other prominent martial artists are offering free training dojos, so that the people of Texas can use what’s left of their Constitutional rights to defend their homes.

[adinserter block=”3″]Obama wants to arrest President George W. Bush and turn him over to the liberal courts of Europe, where is ‘one world government’ cronies sit awaiting to charge President Bush with falsified war crimes and force him to say ‘God is not real’.

Texas Minutemen Prepare To Defend Christianity, President Bush and Oil

In Texas, Obama’s disdain for Jesus, America’s Christian heritage and conservative values is well-known in every household.  For years Texans have protected President George W. Bush from incursions of Obama’s SS, who have carried out repeated missions to kidnap President Bush so he may be extradited to the United Nations to face war tribunals.

[adinserter block=”4″]From the South, Obama plans for his fast-and-furious armed Mexican mercenaries to invade, promising them lands America rightfully annexed.  In the North, Obama plans to have his Jade Helm troops take up strongholds.  In the home and courts, Obama will use ‘executive orders’ to imprison anyone who stands against the Supreme Court’s gay marriage laws.

Obama’s plans to hunt down Christians and force them to obey the laws of Satan were all predicted by the Bible, but it is so shocking to see it play out and confirmed in our lifetime.   Pray for Texas, as the people stand strong for their faith and are being persecuted for their adherence to God’s Biblical Constitution not only for their state, but for all of the United States of America.


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    Bruce Kahn says

    Wow. These guys are not too insane, are they?

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    Denise M says

    Wow…you people are off your nuts!

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