Obama Plans to Invade Texas, Enforce Gay Marriage and Create A New Kingdom of Liberal Darkness

gay marriage jade helm texas

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has placed the state on high alert:  Barack Obama is invading Texas on July 15th and is already launching gay-marriage offensives to soften the populace.

Officials in the state of Texas were alerted to Obama’s master plan to start a Civil War in America.  While riling up racial tensions as seen in Baltimore, Maryland, and Ferguson, Missouri, out west Obama plans to take a more direct militaristic ‘hearts-and-minds’ approach.

Texas residents such as Chuck Norris are already organizing minutemen to prepare and resist an invasion, training locals in basic martial arts and self-defense.  Ads in Texas are warning Texans to prepare for Jade Helm and beware the homosexual bioweapons Obama is deploying to convert Texas’ men into the gay lifestyle, so they will only be aroused — not angry and in arms — when seeing hunky and exhausted invading soldiers battling in their street.

Why is Texas so important for Obama’s plan to invade Western America and create a new kingdom of Liberal Darkness?

Texas has a Constitutional right to become five independent states from America without repercussion.  If Texas secedes from America, other Religious Freedom states will then have a right to join with the Republics of Texas to form a new Christian-friendly America.  Obama knows that if he can take over the state government of Texas, fix the ballots and make the state withdraw, he can twist Texas’ right of secession and create a new kingdom of his own, one funded by Texas’ vast oil, cattle and industrial economy in which he and gays who flock there will suddenly have unfettered control of the world’s 10th most powerful economy.

This is why Obama is making pacts with gays.  Those protected by Obama’s new gay-marriage amnesty plan will fight alongside mercenaries from Mexico and South America.  Obama is promising them that if they help him in his post-2016 efforts in America, then they will be treated as first class citizens while Christians and other traditional Americans are persecuted.

[adinserter block=”3″]Obama is code-naming his invasion of Texas as the Jade Helm 15, a code phrase named after a Egyptian false-god known as Thoth.  On the 15th Jade Tablet erected above the entrance to his pyramid, Thoth had one of his high priests inscribe, ‘The day shall come, when my son shall also arise, and rebuild my kingdom, and my people shall again arise.’  Obama’s ties to Kenya and Egypt are well known, and there is sufficient evidence that proves Obama and his acolytes see him as a modern day god-king with supernatural ability.

Barack Obama knows that his time is almost up in the White House, so he is causing racial unrest in America so everyone is distracted from his master plan to cause a Civil War.  There is already a leaked photograph of Obama drawing out his war plans, but now there is even more proof that Obama plans to build his kingdom in oil-rich Texas.

President George W. Bush tried to warn America about all of this, but after hearing Obama planned to take over the Bush ranch during his invasion of Texas, President Bush became concerned about his family and tried to withdraw his words.

Make no mistake, Obama would love to hold President George W. Bush as his prisoner and try to make him recant his faith in God on national television.  Obama is planning to work with the army of Mexico, mercenaries from South America and Russian conscripts to make a push through the Gulf of Mexico.  With a beachhead set in Texas, Obama can then push out and start a Western invasion of tech-rich California, all while the rest of America is torn in a Civil War started by this summer’s race riots.

Leaked Document:  Obama’s Invasion Plans for American Southwest



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  1. Reply
    J says

    Y’all are weird.

  2. Reply
    patricia says

    Yeah bam bam tries this in Texas we will shoot his ass.remember the Alamo..!!!

    • Reply
      David Burch says

      Didn’t they all die at the Alamo?

      • Reply
        Earl wallace says

        Obama just needs to f*** off he will.be out of office soon and f*** all you people trying to force gay marrige nobody likes any of you i dont have a problem with it but you guys need to stop thinking you rule of the world and try living humanity for ones Rant over.

        • Reply
          Betterthanyou says

          Your rant is incoherent and you are the one no one likes.

        • Reply
          Andy Luther says

          You promise that your ranting is over??

        • Reply
          Douglas says

          Do you really eat with that mouth?

      • Reply
        Jennifer says

        Yes, David. Yes, they did…

    • Reply
      r says

      you know we lost at the alamo, right?

    • Reply
      Sonny says

      The Alamo was overrun. They saying SHOULD be “remember what happened after Texans git their asses kicked at the alamo!” If you want to use it like like.

    • Reply
      GregAbbottLoveChildMolesters says

      Alamo? Isn’t that the glorified garbage dump in San Antonio posing as a “historical site” that Ozzie Osbourne used as a urinal and nobody outside of Texas cares about?

    • Reply
      S Lee says

      Texas is one of the 50 states in the United States of America. Barack Obama is the president of The United
      States of America. Why in the world would Obama have to invade a state he already governs??

    • Reply
      Fred says

      WELL! Today’s July 15th. So … are you finally ready to extricate your head from your nether regions and admit that you have been duped by lowest-common-demoninator “journalism” pandering to complete conspiracy-theory idiots?

      Or are you – GASP! – too busy being forced on a death march to your nearest Wal-Mart by Obama’s evil Gestapo?

      Intelligent minds wanna know!

  3. Reply
    Robert Hodge says

    This is the funniest thing I’ve read all week! I can’t wait for July 15 to get here, have nothing happen, and then have all these loonies brag about how their “preparedness” ” prevented” Obama’s “evil plan”.

    • Reply
      RonJ says

      Amen. 🙂

  4. Reply
    J. Koscheski says

    If someone drop a “stupid bomb” on Texas???

  5. Reply
    Greg elswick says

    Is this idiot of a president on drugs or bumped his idiotic head.Im moving to Texas hoping Oboma shows there.

  6. Reply
    Clay H. says


    • Reply
      Gmart says

      You might want to start asking the Almighty for firgiveness yourself. He is not a fan of people sitting in judgement on his behalf.

    • Reply
      Bert says


  7. Reply
    Rob says

    You libs are really brain washed. Texas can be its own successful country, it has many assets, but don’t fear they won’t stand alone. There will be many other states that would join

    • Reply
      Andy Luther says

      Name one that anyone gives a crap about!

  8. Reply
    Juan Sanchez Gomez says

    We want Texas back

  9. Reply
    Juan Sanchez Gomez says

    We want Texas back from USA

  10. Reply
    9/11 Wake Up says

    Wake up People!! What we’ve known is coming for a long time is now about to overtake us. It’s time we stopped doing what we are doing and get things right. We can’t just sit back and take it easy anymore. Only we can prevent it from happening. First, there was Oklahoma City, then 9/11, then Katrina. Now this. What’s next? We have got to work together or it’s over for our kids and all future Americans. We all know this began when Ike was elected President with help from the big European money machines who just wanted a piece of America. He got his interstate highway system and the first step was taken. JFK, RFK, MLK died and who lied about it? Everybody who knew. Nixon’s daughter married Ike’s grandson and we got another generation closer to the end. Carter almost blew the top off, but that rabbit did him in. 8 years of Reagan, 4 for Bush Sr., then 8 for Willie and who steps in??? That’s right — Bush, Jr. and the final key was turned. They got their man Obama in and leading the way and this is our last chance. Well, I’m not going to take it sitting down and you shouldn’t either. Our kids are next and no one cares.

    • Reply
      Gmart says

      Just curious, what is it like to be crazy?

    • Reply
      Fred says

      Now that it is actually the 15th and you can actually see for yourself that not a damn thing is happening … YOU ready to wake up?

    • Reply
      Bert says

      Sooooo… The illuminati staged a hurricane? If you’re not going to take it sitting down, what ARE you going to do? Posting in comment threads? Move over Che Guevara, there’s a new revolutionary in town!

  11. Reply
    Wilbur Witt says

    NOTHING is going to happen on July 15. Simple exercise they do all the time and use Texas because of the large expanse and heat. As for that comment about the Alamo, you are in error. This whole thing was started by Alex Jones. There is no danger because Texas owns America.

  12. Reply
    cliff says


  13. Reply
    W Foster says

    Hey why dont you ignorent freaks that dont like texas just stay the hell out and leave us alone before you bite off more than you can chew. You have ready made a disaster of the rest of our country, go waller in the crap you created and leave Texas alone. Remember what a democratic majority is? Yes we do still believe in democracy, not socialism like your bought and paid for Supreme Court Justices. Do yourself a favor and stay out if you dont like things the way they are here. Its the way the majority likes it. We wont cater to your bullshit as other states have….we can make it miserable for you if need be. We are completely capable of playing you at your own game, and we will win. So keep your ignorant trouble making noses out of our business.

  14. Reply
    bcello says

    This is the funniest thing I’ve read in a long time. INCLUDING the comments. Rock on Texas, rock on “homosexuals”, rock on Obama, and rock on good ol’ U. S. of motherf@#$in’ A.!!!

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