Gays Officially Begin Their Persecution of Christians

11707627_10155896338400393_8988265929164977117_nGays have spearheaded a new attack on Christians who support Constitutional marriage. Christians who own stores may not refuse to bake cakes for gay customer couples and tell them “I do not believe in gay marriage”, or they will be lambasted by the radical liberal media and forced to pay $135,000.


“Then they will deliver you to tribulation, and will destroy you, and you will be hated by all nations because you are a Christian.” – Matthew 24:9

We are living in cruel days. Evil hours. The time has come where Christians in the promised land of righteousness, The United States of America, are entering a new liberal dark age of persecution, despair and wanton Godlessness.

Gays are working hand-in-hand with Barack Obama to create a new kingdom of liberal darkness.  Obama has made it clear he does not respect the Constitution and history of America.  While his liberals are defacing the graves of historical American icons in the South, they also have a new militant assault being unleashed on Christians in the West.

Gays Marriage Persecutes Christians on the Western Front

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SHOCKING:  Christian bakery owners from Oregon are being prosecuted for expressing their First Amendment rights.  The bakery refused to participate in same-sex marriage by baking a wedding cake. The Christian owners politely expressed that they could not bake a gay-marriage wedding cake.  For this action alone, the bakery owners are being ordered to pay the gay marriage couple $135,000.

This sets a precedent.  If a gay couple walks into your Christian bakery and demands that you bake them a cake shaped like a dildoe and all the male cake figurines shirtless, sporting khaki slacks from which emerge their fondant tight-abs chiseled with bits of blueberry icing for definition, and you refuse to make that type of immoral cake, you will be persecuted and forced to pay the gay couple $135,000.

In the Oregon case, liberal courts claim the Christians caused those they refused to bake a cake for an ‘acute loss of confidence’, ‘high blood pressure’, ‘impaired digestion’, ‘loss of appetite’, ‘migraine headaches’, ‘pale and sick at home after work’, ‘resumption of smoking habit’, weight gain’, and ‘worry’.

Even more troubling, the Christians were ordered to ‘cease and desist’ from speaking publicly about not wanting to bake gay marriage cakes, because they feel it violates their Christian beliefs to do so.  Obama worked with the state of Oregon to send federal agents to find the bakery owners and ‘gag them’ until they agreed to comply.

Fortunately, they managed to escape being bound and gag by the liberal agents and are going to appeal the fine and First Amendment violation, though since Obama has hijacked the Supreme Court the case may need to fall under a war crime tribunal in Geneva.

What Does This Mean for Christian Business Owners?

[adinserter block=”4″]As seen in Oregon, liberals are now willing to destroy Christian businesses and gag the owners.  What’s next?  Water-boarding?  Electrodes to the areolas?

How far will liberals go to torture Christians and force them to give up their beliefs and America’s covenant with God?

The case above proves that gays will do their best to force Christians to do whatever they want.  If Christians refuse to participate in the gay lifestyle, they will be forced to pay fines and have their First Amendment rights revoked.

This may seem very distant, but every Christian with kids consider this logic.  If gays can force a Christian business to bake them a cake, then what is stopping them from forcing a Christian family to participate in gay lifestyle?

In public schools, adolescent-education teaches about human reproduction.  Gays will surely take issue that only relationships between a male and female are being taught.  Students will be forced to learn that homosexuality is a part of adolescence and will have to learn gay reproductive techniques, despite the fact that it will not naturally create children.

If teachers refuse to teach these materials or parents object, gays will simply just complain to media, have the school lambasted and administrators fired, all while parents and Christian teachers are gagged, fined $135,000 and told to give up their 1st Amendment rights.

The consequences of legalizing gay marriage are far-reaching and as we see, are going to violate the rights of Christians and nuclear families in America.

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    Inna says

    This is very sad …
    I didn’t know that all has gone so far((((

  2. Reply
    naokay says

    very very sad bt I noe our God reigns so He will see us through.

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