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Gays Are Using Magic Mike XXL As A Homosexual Recruitment Tool

images (4)It is no secret that gays run the Hollywood industry.  In every single song, tv show and movie of modern time, the gay lifestyle is celebrated.  Fast cars, exotic vacations, fabulous jobs and wealth all on display as well-tanned gay actors of candid charm and intelligence grace the screen with their tight abs, ironic gay sarcasm and wit, their antics leaving hard-working fathers of nuclear families a bit jealous and lusty.  Why are these men living the life?  Why are they so stress-free, even though they are disoberying God and being gay?  “Where did it all go wrong?”

[adinserter block=”3″]By always showcasing the glitzy gay lifestyle and having characters make some off-the-cuff reference to the perks and typical hallmarks of homosexuality, gays are cleverly creating a new marketing tool that confuses straight men and tempts them –for perhaps just one night– to relive the what-ifs in their life and give homosexuality a try.  The lifestyle of homosexuality to straight men is like the lifestyle of the Kardashians to a North Korean rice farmer.

Enter Magic Mike XXL.  The movie is pure homosexual fishing bait.  The gays have chummed the waters by lubing up actors like Channing Tatum and using him as stink bait.   Their tactics are working, as they are reeling in enough straight men to skew census data to the point that the CDC announced that homosexuality has increased over 1.52% during the 4th of July weekend.

[adinserter block=”4″]Hollywood is a major tool in the arsenal of radical liberals who are creating a kingdom of liberal darkness right in our Christian nation.  Married men are under attack by the Obama administration’s machinations to turn America not only gay legal, but gay practicing by majority, by the year 2050.  To create proselytes to homosexuality, the liberals are using chemical warfare and propaganda tactics that would put Goebbels to shame.

How Is The Magic Mike Franchise Turning Men Gay?

If you walk up to a gay man and ask him if Magic Mike is part of an elaborate spring-trap to capture more straight men in homosexuality, he’ll either laugh at you or vehemently deny the claims.

This aloof behavior is meant to put your guard down, but look at what happens when an investigative journalist goes to study the movie.   For just an hour and a half, the movie submergers the attendees into a high-end gay club.

Emotionally complex men are on stage, escaping the realities of life by reveling in the ‘c’est la vie’ thrills of homosexual lifestyle:  highly social interactions, instant camaraderie, unfettered promiscuity, loving support from any chap one meets, free drinks, high dollars, gambling and fit bodies giving into the most innate of carnal pleasures.

1401x788-Wham! - Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go

Full-thick hair, tanned skin and perfectly white smiles are standard fair in the gay community. These flashy good looks coalesce with wealth, fit bodies and a ‘carpe diem’ attitude to social life, making it all very lucrative to a married man who spends all his time, wealth and energy raising kids and being berated by society to provide more and more. It is no surprise that Magic Mike’s glorification of the gay lifestyle — fit bodies, screaming women stuffing dollars into your G-string and lusty encounters that have zero percent chance of creating a child of whom you will be financially responsible — is leaving many straight men worldwide ‘curious’.

A normal man cannot make sense of it.  Is there really an adult male lifestyle that does not include fretting over providing for your kid’s expensive college or wondering if your wife is cheating with her new male colleague she’s traveling with on a business trip?

Can you really live a life where you work hard all day and party all night, to only get Facebook ‘high-fives’ as you and your buddies make reference to your Tuesday night debauchery?

It is no secret that gay men are also the object of women’s affections, so it creates a confusing dynamic for the normal male line.  The New York Times does an excellent job exposing the complex psychological manipulation Magic Mike XXL uses to confuse the psyche of homonormative men.

“Temptation and Gyration Lead to Homosexual Emancipation”

I used the buddy-system and had a colleague waiting for me after my investigative journalism assignment to watch Magic Mike XXL.  I predicted gays would be lying in wait after the movie, trying to see if the movie made any emotionally fragile men who are stuck in the quagmire of blasé heterosexual marriage and mediocrity open to a night of homosexuality.

No sooner than I left the theater, a tanned man with well-coiffed hair approached me.   He ‘saw me watching Magic Mike’ and wanted to know if I wanted to head back to his place with some friends.  They were going to review the movie together and have ‘peach Schnapps and eight-ball shooters’.

I declined and he was persistent and flirty, like a frisky sorority coed flashing perfectly white teeth and energetic eyes, offering a night of relief from finals and unreasonable demands from professors.  Again, I declined and my colleague pulled up in the car, honking and giving the gay man cause to back away and stop trying to bring temptation to me.

I noted he went on to talk to other movie-goers (who also seemed to be straight or on the fickle precipice between heteronormative and secret/agnostic homosexuality).  Another man did go off with a group of classic gays, I heard him on his mobile phone telling his wife that he was ‘going out with some of his work buddies’, even though they blatantly had just met for the first time.  The man was taking a foray into homosexuality and Magic Mike was the impetus.

“Gyration and temptation lead to homosexual emancipation.”  This line just instantly went through my head, fed to me by divinity.  The Atlantic published an excellent piece that confirms what my immortal soul was telling me.  The homosexual themes in Magic Mike are so strong they can bring a nuclear-family married man to homosexuality faster than any chemtrail or night doing drugs in a Brazilian cabana-house.

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