Gays Are Lacing Fireworks with Homosexual Chemtrails

9517492433_1a6f103f91_oThere is a new gay conspiracy to turn more people to homosexuality this Fourth of July. Emboldened by Obama and his Supreme Court cronies’ decision to disrespect America’s Christian heritage by allowing gay marriage, gays are now salivating at the thought of seducing the nuclear family into their lifestyle.

The CDC confirms that since the 2015 fireworks season, there has been a drastic 1.2% increase in the amount of men confirming their homosexuality. Even more troubling there is now an estimated 53% of men suspected to be secretive or agnostic by their homosexuality.

[adinserter block=”3″]While the link between fireworks and geo-engineering vis-a-vis chemtrails is well known in the scientific community, the phenomenon of placing lurid chemicals known to induce homosexual inclination is a development unique to the Obama Administration.

The White House is illuminated in rainbow colors after today's historic Supreme Court ruling legalizing gay marriage in Washington June 26, 2015. REUTERS/Gary Cameron

Last week, Obama used the White House itself to let gays know that ‘Operation Bang’ was a go this Fourth of July season.

With the White House covered in the typical ROYGBIV secret code that gays identify of sin friendly, liberals boldly broadcast their intentional to make straight men enamored by homosexuality so they would be more prone to lie prone and let themselves to have a fill of foreign testosterone.

[adinserter block=”4″]If your family has shot off any fireworks or you plan to watch a display tonight, beware, for the gays will be out preying on those who have inhaled a good amount of the smoke from fireworks contaminated with homosexual chemtrail.

The alteration of brain chemistry is swift and powerful at first, so men who are seduced tonight will be be so confused by all their new emotions and lust, they will give into gays.  The buddy-system should be used, where no straight man is left alone this Fourth of July, so that they gays cannot take this opportunity to commit acts of hedonism on his body as the amount of chemtrail in the air drastically increases with all the firework explosions everywhere.

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  1. Reply
    Leslie says

    i laughed so hard I peed my britches a lil

    • Reply
      Baron says

      I liiiike ladies who pee their panties…..just a lil.

  2. Reply
    Dennis Dalton says

    Look, they released this movie tonight and it is not a coincidence: http://www.slate.com/blogs/outward/2015/07/02/magic_mike_xxl_s_gay_appeal_is_surprisingly_deep.html. Magic Mike XXL is a gay recruitment tool and it is no coincidence it is being released on the 4th of July.

    • Reply
      Patti Lisenbee says

      you really ARE stupid! Magic Mike XXL is a stripper movie, not a gay recruitment movie, you dong head! maybe you are a homo truly afraid to come out of the closet so you must cover it up with all your truly dumb conspiracy ideas. I feel incredibly sorry for you and regret every breath of air you waste.

      • Reply
        Dennis Dalton says

        Magic Mike part I was a blatant feminist power play and also a gay recruitment movie. To the normal suburban woman, sure, it may look what she’d imagine a naughty bachelorette party to look like in Vegas, but for gay men, that type of movie is just another Saturday night in WeHo. The bright lights, screaming crowds and sweaty men with hard-earned physiques gyrating on stage, you’re looking at just a small segment of the homosexual lifestyle there. They party hard and they worship their bodies, so many of them look like Adonis’. You don’t see every day dads on stage doing that type of thing, because they have to sacrifice their bodies and health working long hours and taking care of their families, their ‘oops’ children and all that. So that makes the lifestyle depicted in Magic Mike tempting to them, it’s like a time machine allowing them to go into their past and see their past self full of energy, fitness and open to everything that could equal a fun night. The New York Times does an excellent review of how this movie is an important part of the gay agenda: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/07/05/movies/magic-mike-with-channing-tatum-draws-gay-men.html.

        • Reply
          S.E says

          “Gay recruitment movie” OH yeah OF COURSE, gay people use movies to RECRUIT people…I’m terribly sorry to hear that you’re blinded by your own conspiracies and those of other homophobic people around you. By thinking like you do, it seems you’re already too messed up to be saved.

          • Ilpalazzo says

            Apparently, you’ve not been to seedy skinemax sites lately. There’s a whole strain of videos popping up called ‘Sissy trainers’ that try to brainwash straight men into being gay (mostly also including worshipping/fetishizing African-Americans as part of it as well)

            Needless to say, skinemax sites are no longer fun.

          • Dennis Dalton says

            Well, we can just agree to disagree here, my friend. The fact of the matter is that Magic Mike has a humongous gay following and the movie is being used to groom straight men into the gay lifestyle. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with people making that choice, I’m just proving the fact that it is happening.

            I saw it first hand and wrote about it: http://liberaldarkness.com/2015/07/05/gays-are-using-magic-mike-xxl-as-a-homosexual-recruitment-tool/. Others have noticed the trend as well.

        • Reply
          skinheadbrian says

          what, exactly, is an “‘oops’ child”?

        • Reply
          TK says

          My Niece is in the movie,dude you are delirious and wrong!

        • Reply
          Jeff says

          Are you F**king kidding me!!!???!! I think you win the prize Dennis, its a damn movie promoted to ALL people………..yes even you! Ass-whole.

        • Reply
          Lorelei says


        • Reply
          Susan Powell says

          so are you gay now?

      • Reply
        Scooter says

        Speaking of stupid, you do realize this is SATIRE, right? Don’t be such a hateful cunt. Have a nice day.

    • Reply
      Rose says

      Cause, yeah, women? We don’t like sexy men at all – especially not men that can dance.

      • Reply
        Dennis Dalton says

        Sure, there is that appeal to the movie. But the producers also knew it would be a boon to that 53% of the population who is secretly or agnostic gay and all the gyrating and temptations to go to Magic Mike would be just too great. They could claim they were going to see it with their wife or girlfriend ‘to be supportive’ or what I noticed when going to investigate, there are a lot of shifty eyed men sneaking to the theater, parking their car by the bushes as if to conceal it like they were sneaking into a kinky shop. But they are going to see a movie and satiate their growing desire to open themselves up to a dose of foreign testosterone, but without actual contact. It is just another stepping stone on the road to induced homosexuality by popular media and psychological manipulation.

        • Reply
          Rory says

          So you’re just going to believe everything you read on the Internet. You’re an idiot. Seriously. Oh wait. I got it! You’re secretly gay and you’re ashamed of yourself! It’s ok dude just let it out!

        • Reply
          Rose says

          Where the heck do you live that there are “bushes” around the movie theater? Dude, I am beginning (or may have been all along) to think that you have completely lost your mind, or this whole thing has been entirely facetious on your part. “Shifty eyed men”, really? Could it be that they were possibly thinking how much they were going to benefit from the fact that their girlfriend/wife was going to be a little bit warmed up from the movie?
          As far as “foreign testosterone” without actual contact? Pretty sure a doctor can give a prescription for that – it’s called Androgel.
          You went to investigate? Sir, you should possibly get a girlfriend or a boyfriend, or both. Whatever makes you happy.

        • Reply
          Joe says

          When you turn gay Dennis I will then believe this…The irony of having an exact 53% on something people are secretive about is priceless.

        • Reply
          Bobby G says

          Dennis you sure use tantalizing words to describe the horrors this movie is bringing to society. Sounds to me like you’re trying to shoo away your gay by writing about it? Can you think about either of those movies without touching yourself?

        • Reply
          Rod says

          You are completely mad, aren’t you, petal?

    • Reply
      Lmao says

      Dennis dalton you are truly a complete waste of skin! If you truly believe what you write. Arghhh please dont tell me you have children!

    • Reply
      Demidan says

      Dennis, that must be why you’ve seen the movie four times already, they’ve got you now muhahahahahahahahahaha!

    • Reply
      Ruben Lopez says

      Dennis Dalton, you must live in a cave and seldomly venture out. To call “Magic Mike,” a gay recruitment tool, is about as fuckin crazy as it gets. Please get some help…

    • Reply
      matt says

      Who’s “they”?

    • Reply
      Darren says

      Go back to your flat-earth theories, retard.

  3. Reply
    Elena says

    homosexuality has been around since the dawn of man. It’s a genetic trait just like your hair color or height, etc. There is absolutely positively no proof whatsoever that there is some plot to “turn” people gay. When you come out of the womb you’re immediately straight or gay. If anyone has an issue with The Creator of these human beings, you need to take it up with Him.

    • Reply
      Dennis Dalton says

      When you say, “Homosexuality has been around since the down of man. It’s a genetic trait just like your hair color or height, etc.”

      I do not believe there is statistically significant scientific data to support your statement. Hair color is a definite genetic trait determine by several different coding regions, as is height.

      Sure, there is phenotypic plasticity that occurs when the that genes are coding your bauplan, height or hair included, o be under ideal conditions as dictated by your phylogeny. But when an external environmental factor comes into play, that can all go out the window. Homosexuality can fall into the environmentally dictated window.

      • Reply
        Donna Garvey says

        Take a look at data on Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia, that condition is the best example medical professionals of how being homosexual can be and is in part at least a genetic trait. My daughter has this condition, so I am very well versed in the information about it, and my daughter is gay… imagine that. The thing is, with or without this condition I would love my daughter and be proud of my daughter gay or not. That is the real problem, people who can not love others who are different. I wonder if being a bigot is genetic… I will have to look that one up.

      • Reply
        Nate T says

        Ummm actually there is a wide variety of scientific data to support the statement that homosexual behaviour has been around at least sinse the dawn of man. And not just in humans. There are currently over 1000 documented species that exhibit homosexual traits and tendencies among its ranks.

        Its been said that a new way of thinking is not adopted by its detractors by being convinced of it. Rather, all the detractors die, and the rest of the world continues, adopting the new way.

        So die already.

    • Reply
      Keith Norris says

      Why would gay men want to “teach new tricks” to straight men, who are notorious for being extremely incapable of knowing what a gay man is expecting out of a sexual encounter. There is no shortage of competent gay boys to choose from.

  4. Reply
    Lolly says

    shit, for a minute, I actually thought some stupid fuck actually believed this. Yeah, I know: I’m gullible.

  5. Reply
    Raving Homo says

    We’ve been sprinkling fairy dust for decades! Every time you see a rainbow when it rains it’s us!!!


    • Reply
      Charles says

      That rainbow after the great flood…we were after Noah’s three sons!

    • Reply
      diane says

      I fricking love you!

    • Reply
      magichateball says

      I thought when I saw a rainbow, God was having gay sex.

  6. Reply
    Me says

    Yes, being a gay man I can confirm that everything this man claims is true. Oh wait, I didn’t even bother watching the first Magic Mike.

  7. Reply
    Geoyce411 says

    I think I saw little green men with cherry bombs last night. Couldn’t have been gay. Queens don’t wear green after dark.

  8. Reply
    Covey says

    Don’t forget how we’re putting those same chemicals in your hair when you go to the salon.

    • Reply
      Sherry says

      Let’s hope he doesn’t find out about the toothpaste.

      • Reply
        Kevin says

        SSSSSHHH! He’s reading this! We also don’t want him to become aware that buff straight men — especially good-looking, well-groomed, hunky college men — shave their body hair — especially “down there”! — because they have been showering in communal, gym and school showers — where each and every shower head across the land — and beyond! — has been laced a bounty of Gay Men’s sem*n! Why do you think their skin looks and smells so nice and their hair is so shiny! If he figures that part out — he’s obviously no dummy(!) and has obviously devoted his life to the study and idolization of men — he’ll put 2 and 2 together and figure out that these straight men then, in turn, shave their pubic hair so as to look prepubescent, thereby making it impossible for any straight man to resist wanting to “hit it”. We all know straight men can’t resist that stuff, right, Fellow Gays???

    • Reply
      Dennis Dalton says

      Can you give more details on this?

      • Reply
        Bobby G says

        @Dennis Dalton – don’t tell me. YOU’RE FROM TEXAS.

      • Reply
        NowayJose says

        Ixnay on the Ouride-flay.

      • Reply
        Brian says

        Well, you know why they have those multi-colored stripes in toothpaste right? You don’t really think it is fluoride do you?

  9. Reply
    Mike L says

    I just read this over lunch and nearly died laughing so hard! Oh my god! It made my day! #TheGoodLife

  10. Reply
    kk says

    Mr. Dennis Dalton, thank you very much you made my day I haven’t laughed that hard in a while. The tears are still rolling down my cheecks. And there many mental facilities out there that can help with that. Once again thank you.

  11. Reply
    Pam says


  12. Reply
    Animal says

    Says a lot about the sad state of mental health care in the USA. This is pitiful.

  13. Reply
    Scott says

    I”m in the mental health field and this Dennis individual is in serious need of an intervention. He is so psychotic he could actually become dangerous. Someone needs to help him. FAST!!

  14. Reply
    Loralorax says

    Sometimes I feel bad for people who don’t get satire. But then again, it’s also fun to watch them make fools of themselves.

  15. Reply
    commiepinkofag says

    Oh please. We haven’t used chemicals since we invented the internet.

  16. Reply
    Jennifer says

    Boy I needed a good laugh tonite. Operation bang, really. People need to get a life and leave us all alone stop saying stupid shit you all are not showing your intellengence your acting like all gay people should be damn and banished. I love the rainbow love all my gay friends and I love my wife!! Yes I said wife hell I am going one step further I love my gay roommate too

  17. Reply
    Carolann says

    I was a happily married woman with 3 kids and a loving husband. After getting my husband to take me to see Magic Mike XXL on July 4th, I now find myself a single parent, and my husband has left me, after first buying a vacuum pump, and spends his time cruising bath houses, parks and gay clubs looking for chemsex……..do not underestimate the power of the big screen, ladies forget Magic Mike XXL, for whilst the eye candy is great, the shock of finding your husband masturtouching sitting next to you in the cinema isn’t!

  18. Reply
    alex says

    Of course magic Mike has a huge gay following, its a bunch of good looking dudes stripping, not gay propoganda

  19. Reply
    Kyle says

    I really really REALLY hope that you’re trolling. If not, you are no man of God. Christ himself told us to love others as he loved us. Regardless of their sexuality or past transgressions, we are to love them. That does not mean we have to agree with them. We are not the judge. God is.
    “Do not judge so that you will not be judged. 2 For in the way you judge, you will be judged; and by your standard of measure, it will be measured to you. 3 Why do you look at the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? 4 Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ and behold, the log is in your own eye? 5 You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye.”
    Matthew 7:1-5 NASB

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