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Gays Will Force Christians To Like Gluteally-induced Sins and Polyamory

Gays are actively seeking to make every Christian in this country conform to their hedonistic ways.  Only months ago, they were forcing pizza shops and cake shops to make them wedding cakes or face ex-communication from business records.

It is no secret that gays are doing their best to destroy Jesus and create a new age of liberal darkness, but their recent victory in getting married is a cause for grave concern in the true American household.


Soon everyone will be taught that it is perfectly normal for men to prounce around with bold, bulging thighs powerfully emerging from Daisy Dukes to reveal Cabana pool-side tans to feel you up with their yellow driving gloves as everyone around you goes into supportive song and dance.

Even though every American has a God-given right to have Religious Freedom, the recent gay victory means that any student in public school will now have to accept gay lifestyle.  This means that for puberty education, it will no longer be enough to learn about pregnancy and starting a nuclear family.

Our youth will now be forced to learn all the bizarre and unholy acts gays do in the bedroom, knowing them in detail by name and position.  Church pastors nationwide are warning their congregations of the coming sins that will be mandated education for our youth — even at home school and private school — and this will only ensure the next generation is not only gay-curious, but will likely have at least one gay encounter in their lifetime.

The CDC estimates a whopping 1/5 men are now openly gay, with an estimate 40% more tempted by homosexuality before they reach the age of 22.


Sadly, there are some Christians out there who do not realize if you give the gays an inch, they will naturally take a mile.  They will keep pushing and shoving for so many miles that before you even realize what has happened, you’ll wake up confused and sweaty, everything in a painful haze of shame, misery and regret as you realize you’ve fallen to the hands of the gay agenda.  You yourself have submitted yourself to homosexuality and that’s only the tip of he iceberg.

Since gay marriage has become legalized in America, there are three person babies being born and men waking up and suddenly wanting to cheat on their wives and engage in polyamory.  These are not the types of things we heard about before gay marriage was legalized.

Eight churches have burned down in the South and even if you go out into the American wilderness, out among nature and God as you hunt on your property to enjoy your First Amendment and Second Amendment rights away from Obama, you are bound to run into this type of thing now that gay marriage is legal.

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