Obama Creates Petition To Ban American Flag

[adinserter block=”1″]Coming off a judicial victory in regard to the Affordable Care Act and Gay Marriage, Obama continued his assault on traditional American culture by creating an official petition to ban the American flag that was submitted to the Whitehouse.gov website.

Since 2008, Obama has allowed citizens to submit petitions to the website, announcing the move as him ‘giving a voice to the public’. What no one saw coming was Obama’s intention to use the website to garner new ideas for his agenda to destroy Jesus and America, so that fringe radicals can rule in a new age of liberal darkness.

obama flag

Concerns that Obama would target the American flag started last week after a psychologically troubled young man opened fire on a congregation of African-Americans in South Carolina. Barack Obama turned what was a tragedy of poor psychiatric treatment and disaster into a racial issue, one that he used to cause riots and demands for the ‘Confederate’ flag — a historical symbol to many — down from its rightful historical spot at the South Carolina state house.

Obama’s justification for the flag being taken down is that it somehow represents a symbol of ‘oppression’, even though the flag was not the official flag of the Confederate Army and the flag actually represents a sense of history and family to millions of Americans.

Nevertheless, Obama’s words scared stores into removing the store from their e-Shops and shelves, while crazed protesters climbed flagpoles to violate state property and rip the flag down.

Now that Obama has talked the majority of Americans into believing that if a flag represents ‘oppression’ to a few ‘entitled’ few, that is should simply be removed.  Obama is using that logic to remove the flag he really wants taken down:  the US American flag.

Obama has sent his agents out into the streets to have a new petition signed.  The petition proposes getting rid of the current American flag — a symbol of ‘tyranny and oppression’ to many — and replacing the flag with a new design.  The proposed new design has a PYRAMID on it, which goes on to prove Obama’s ties to the occult and Egyptian pharisees.

Christians need to recognize that Obama is making a Satanic power play not only for political purposes, but for the soul and Christian heritage of America.

Obama wants a world where Jesus is destroyed, traditional values are a distant memories and sinners revel in the wanton carnality that is prevalent in a new kingdom of liberal darkness.

Obama is a modern day Cush-ite, a wanna-be god king who steals the riches born of hard work and rules over the slothen who will follow anyone who will let them live, eat and breath without having to work or contribute to society.

Beware, America.  Obama has already taken away a baby’s right to life, gun rights, ability to refuse to pay for health insurance for the non-working and Christian freedom to say no to gay marriage and teaching your offspring about homosexuality.

But now he wants America’s unifying fabric, the US flag, taken down, so he can arise a new flag that symbolizes a new empire and a dark new world order.

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    Ed B says

    It’s our own fault that we sit here and allow him to do what he’s doing. So much complaining yet this countries citizens just sit and watch instead of taking a stand and getting rid of him. As a nation standing together it can be done but eh why make the effort to show this shitty administration and all these sheep in Congress we mean business? Well just wait until he runs out of time then it will change……right? America is spoiled and lazy and lost in their own world’s and one day we will wake up and say WTF? It will be too late then.

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    mr adams says

    Democrats do not reflect the heart and soul of the south which believes in christian values, which have been destroyed…by far left-wing politics. Neither do we believe in strong right-handed tactics, it only leaves succession

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