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Do Gays Have A Right To Get Divorced?

reasons-for-divorce_1While the Supreme Court issued a current opinion that allow gays to get married, one important thing the Supreme Court did not rule was issue any opinion or ruling on a gay couple’s right to get divorced.

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For years, true Americans have fought to protect the sanctity of marriage as the Founding Fathers meant it to be:  between a man and woman.  Five liberal moles have infested the Supreme Court and overturned America’s Judeo-Christian tradition, one in place since 1776, by giving into liberal demands for ‘equality’ piggy-backed on the 14th Amendment that was never intended as a gay marriage loophole.

All that said, in their greedy quest to destroy the sanctity of marriage, gay rights activists failed to realize one important thing:  over 50% of marriages end in divorce.

[adinserter block=”4″]The CDC reports that 80% of gays in a relationship are promiscuous with others, which leaves many to speculate that gay marriages will end in divorce at a higher rate than heterosexual (true) marriages.  Nowhere in the Supreme Court’s ruling does it say that states must grant gays the right to get divorced.

This means that states in which the citizens oppose gay marriage can refuse to issue a divorce for gay married couples, which can force them to stay in relationships that are toxic and bad for them.   Just imagine being forced to live a lifetime married to a person who you no longer love, forced forever to be in a biding contract of lifestyle, income and property.

Gay Divorce will be the new ground for Christians to stand upon.  Conservative states and politicians must do everything possible to not allow Gay Divorce, so that gay couples will be forced to stay in a union forever and without the divorce benefit afforded to marriages truly sanctioned by God (that is, between a man and woman).

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