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Texas Announces New Jim Crow Laws To Stop Gays From Marrying

texas jim crow lawsTexas officials announced new Jim Crow laws will go into effect to stop Texas gays from flocking to the state’s courthouses to get marriage licenses and certificates.

The sweeping new measure gives new hope to Christians nationwide who are under assault from a corrupted Supreme Court and White House Administration.

The Texas Attorney General’s websites lays out the masterplan, which encourages county clerks, judges and other officials to exercise their first amendment right to freedom of speech and religion to ‘refuse’ to provide services to gay couples.

While the Supreme Court’s ruling temporarily grants marriage rights to gay couples, conservatives note that it does not forbid Americans from refusing to recognize gay marriages. This means that states, counties and cities can enact local laws — colloquially known as Jim Crow laws — to prevent gay people from getting married.

During the 1960s, the tactic was proven quite effective in execution. A popular extension of the Jim Crow laws of old included the Jelly Bean Test, in which an office of clerks required those seeking to be able to vote to be able to ‘estimate’ the number of jelly beans in a jar. Such a basic test of logic gave a quantifiable barometer of the voting applicant’s ability to use basic skills.

The same type of testing can be administered to gays, perhaps a test that asks them if they can recite certain versus of the Bible (such as Leviticus 18:22). If the gay couple cannot recite that verse or take issue with that verse, the clerk or judge know that the gays cannot respect the book that establishes the definition of marriage for America. That book is the Bible. And if gays cannot respect the religion of a judge, clerk or other person, then why should that person be forced to provide a service to them?

The same logic applies anywhere in society and now should be applied to gay couples. If a gay couple honestly agrees with the Bible and understands why they cannot get married, then there is no issue. But if the gay couple takes offense to a Christian’s right to ask them if they agree if it is a sin to lay with another man (or woman) of the same gender, and they disagree, that is offensive to Christian faith and American heritage, and therefore, any Christian should be allowed to refuse them service.

These Jim Crow laws will have to be enacted until we get Obama out of office and get a President who can work with a Republican legislature to create a Constitutional Amendment giving marriage rights to every man and woman who does not want to be gay. If we vote the same Republican president in office twice in a row, he will also likely be able to appoint to conservative Supreme Court justices. At that point, in within at least 8 years, we can destroy gay marriage rights once again at the federal level and make DOMA a way of life and reality for all Americans.

Texas is leading the charge in nuclear family rights, Christian rights and the preservation of true American culture.

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