God Blows Up SpaceX Rocketship, Gay Marriage To Blame

AAcfDirOnly days after the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage in America, God is making it apparent that he’s in a state of war with an America that’s showing open hostility to its Christian heritage and creator.

An unmanned SpaceX rocket took off from America today, the nation’s first attempt at space travel since announcing that it would legalize gay marriage.

Weather conditions seemed perfect and there were no countdown errors for the NASA funded space vehicle, but only several moments after lift-off a fiery explosion took place and scientists with NASA and SpaceX openly wept as they watched the spent metal carcass of the multi-million dollar space vehicle fall back to Earth.

[adinserter block=”3″]The SpaceX rocket carried a payload of supplies that was to be delivered to the International Space Station.  The rocket was symbolic as it was the first time a contracted non-governmental third party company was to undertake such a mission.

The divine explosion took place 2 1/2 minutes after launch (60 seconds + 60 seconds + 60/2 seconds), the ‘666’ in the number pattern showing that God’s communicating to mankind through this explosion.  He is letting America know that it is now a Satanic nation and because of that stigma, he will not be allowing us to travel to the Heavens anymore.


“The vehicle has broken up,” a NASA ground-controller was heard saying.  Scientists stood in awe as data feedback from the highly advanced and expensive Falcon 9 rocket stop feeding back to computers.


The explosion was a major set-back to NASA and is likely only the tip of the iceberg of malady and natural disasters awaiting America for declaring war on Christianity.

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  1. Reply
    Pierre says

    Bullcrap. Simple, Pure, Absolute stupidity from NoGods knows who wrote this sh*t.

  2. Reply
    Kathleen says

    Haha, so wait, a tin can in space, is now “the heavens”. Guess I dodged a bullet on that one!

  3. Reply
    Kathleen says

    This is satire right…

  4. Reply
    Steve s. says

    You people have absolutely NO concept of satire, do you?

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