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Confirmed: Obama Ordered Homosexual Chemtrails Over Supreme Court Day Before Gay Marriage Ruling

obama gay marriage homosexual chemtrailsOn June 26th, 2015, a day that shall live in infamy, the Supreme Court of the United States of America voted 5-4 to allow gay marriage.

The surveillance image at right was uploaded to Wikileaks and today disseminated through the news media community.

It plainly shows a jet that looks much like Air Force One flying a sortie over the Supreme Court, covering Washington, D.C., and the Supreme Court grounds with volatile homosexual chemtrails that can bend anyone’s will to being homosexual.

DC-area families awoke to horror early Friday morning, married men in a daze.  One woman from Chevy Chase said she woke up at 5:30 due to awkward noises coming from her husband’s office study.  When she peaked in she saw him ‘looking at gay internet websites and being stimulated by them.”

The woman’s testimony matches that in other regions where homosexual chemtrail missions are being flown.  The CDC estimates that for every 100 men, five are admitted gay.  But recently there is a new statistic showing that an incredible 48 out of 100 men are secretly or agnostic gay.

[adinserter block=”1″]This confusing increase in homosexuality is directly related to these homosexual chemtrail missions.  The Obama Administration has turned Soviet-era bioweapons, designed to turn enemy armies gay, into an aerosol vapor whose ethyrs are very similar to crystal meth.

While the fashionable carnival glass, rainbow colored appearance is not intentional, it does serve as an almost ominous, symbolic warning go straight men:  homosexuality is literally being rained down from the sky and upon them.  Men are no longer in full control of their homosexuality, they are no longer free to make the choice 100% for themselves.

This new chemical warfare is giving them a higher proclivity for homosexuality.  Many more women in Indiana will find their husbands looking at lurid gay internet sites or if they check their phone history, may see they are trying to get a Craigslist or Grindr hook-up.

Today several Supreme Court justices are confused and not even sure why they decided to destroy America’s Christian heritage and Constitution by avoting for gay marriage.  The Supreme Court’s verdict has laid the groundwork for cities national to turn into a Sodomy-Megalopolis, something we’ve seen happen time and time again on the East coast.

[adinserter block=”4″]Purportedly, Justice Roberts and Thomas knew of the chemtrail attack and entered the Supreme Court on June 26th with ‘covered faces’.  Scalia and Alito were apparently ‘enamored and in deep conversation’ with one another.

Staffers at the court reveal that upon coming to work on that day, things felt ‘off’.  Male interns were handsy, hugging one another and getting very emotional.   While Justice Bader-Ginsberg has a known fondness of homosexuality, it seems shocking that 5 justices could instantly trample the Constitution and America’s Christian heritage without some sort of provocation.

Today, the Supreme Court voted to force God’s hand and make America a target of divine punishment.  For every gay marriage ceremony that takes place, America will get another notch in the bedpost of sin.  What sort of malady awaits now that the Supreme Court — the Judges of America — have voted to make this a nation of homosexuality?

Hurricanes?  Wildfires?  Fire tornadoes?  Meteors and earthquakes?  Just wait, as this summer will be full of all sorts of unprecedented wrath and now we will surely know gay marriage is to blame.  But ultimately, the real blame rests on the hands of Obama for dousing states like Indiana and even Washington, D.C.,  with homosexual chemtrails.

A Closer Look:  Obama Used Homosexual Chemtrails To Legalize Gay Marriage

Several sources indicate they believe they saw Air Force One itself flying over Washington, D.C., directly over the Supreme Court, squirting out the rainbow-colored gas vapor that could very well turn many more men to homosexuality.

The mists of homosexual chemtrails coalesces with natural water vapor in the sky, then eventually come closer to the ground as breathable air.

While the colors of the homosexual inducing chemtrails is alluring, perhaps like a carnival glass of which gay love to use to decorate their spacious, modern homes, the effects of breathing it are inimitable:  sudden primal urge for foreign testosterone, increased appetite for deep sarcasm and satiating one’s most innate wanton desires.

The chemtrails form mini cyclones when mixing with the air, then shoot down in a stream to the land.  Men are breathing these chemicals into their lung and becoming increasingly confused on their homosexuality, having trouble fighting off urges to experiment with their new desires.

Americans now live in a country where gays have free reign and Obama will only emboldened in flying these mind-altering chemtrail missions.

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