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Confirmed: Obama Is a Homosexual, Supported Gay Marriage Legalization So He Could Come Out of Closet

Obama unveiled his support of the homogay agenda by turning the White House into the Rainbow House last night.  These are the end days for morality in America.Obama uses the White House to come out of the closet. The US president used an assortment of colors — raspberry, tangerine orange, chiffon yellow, jade, indigo blue and mauve — displayed on the White House to let the world know that the US Presidency is occupied by a homosexual.

While professionals in the news media community still argue the validity of Obama’s ancestry and place of birth, this weekend it became patently obvious one formerly debated topic of Obama is very true:  Obama is involved in homosexuality.

[adinserter block=”3″]Obama’s homosexuality first came into question when reports alleging that his “wife” — Michelle Obama — was actually born a man named Michael Robinson Obama came to public fruition.  While liberals were quick to deny the allegations, video evidence surfaced which made many question Obama’s motives for trying to normalize same-gender family units while destroying the sanctity of same-sex marriage and nuclear households.

While the Obama Administration managed to shake off the ‘kiss-gate’ scandal and discredit an image that blatantly shows Obama embracing David Cameron vis-a-vis lip contact, the president’s irrational devotion to the homosexual lifestyle goes beyond sticking up for a cause.

In 2011, the CDC reported that per capita homosexuality rates sharply increased from 5 out of 100 to a startling 9 out of 100.  In addition to those numbers, further CDC reports conveyed that just under 30% of men reported being ‘agnostic’ or ‘secret’ about their homosexuality.

This report is important because it coincides with reports that Obama ordered the FDA to give medical clearance to a ‘gay serum’ as an additive to common vaccinations.  Those crimes coupled with Obama’s blatant use of homosexual chemtrails to alter votes and support of gay marriage show his uncanny, obsessive infatuation in destroying marriage values in America.

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