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Obama Threatened Supreme Court with ‘Economic Death Panels’ if a No Vote for Obamacare

obama-looking-furtivePerhaps taking a page from Kansas Governor Sam Brownback, Barack Obama allegedly threatened to ‘defund’ the Supreme Court if they failed to vote in favor of a lawsuit to Obamacare.

New leaks from sources within the Obama administration indicate Obama made it clear the Supreme Court understood it ‘would be a great shame’ if ‘unelected officials’ were to suddenly ‘find themselves facing no funding and elections’.  Obama went as far as to say that the ‘Supreme Court should have never even considered the case against Obamacare’ and should know better than to rule against him.

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Obama made it no secret that if the Supreme Court struck down the Affordable Care Act, over 9.9 million Americans would lose their health insurance and Obama would make sure to tell each one of them the Supreme Court was to blame.

Obama has also used his Draconian powers and blackmail tactics to force Congressional Republicans to pass a bill requiring all Supreme Court justices to sign up for Obamacare.  Now that the Supreme Court is dependent on Obamacare (many justices are of advanced age  and on heavy medication regimen), Obama can threaten them with economic death panels.

If they rule against any other item of the liberal agenda, Obama will just be able to cut funding to their Obamacare and laugh as their families fall into economic ruin from disease treatment.  The Supreme Court is now ruled by Obamacare and Obama has succeeded in destroying yet another peace of Democracy.

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