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Fans Claim Michael Jackson Seen Moonwalking in Lightning Storm Clouds

mj-in-the-cloudsGOOCHLAND, Va. —  Michael Jackson can be seen ‘moonwalking in the lightning storm’, according to fans.

The picture seen at right shows a cloud formation that bears a resemblance to Michael Jackson.  The photograph, tipped off by reader Jon Lance who is traveling to Virginia with several other fans to ‘see the spot where MJ made an appearance, is making rounds on social media and is being compared to other ‘miraculous’ sightings.

What makes the cloudy apparition so great for fans is that it appears the former entertainer ‘is dancing’ and of course with the theatrics of the lighting storm, it is reminiscent of the type of scene Michael Jackson would choreograph and produce in one of his music videos.

The formation also appeared nearly 6 years to the date after Michael Jackson’s June 25th, 2009 death.

The pictures were taken by photographer John Plashal.  Using a storm chaser app, Plashal purportedly planned to upload images of a storm to a local CBS affiliate.  After uploading the media, an outpouring of surprise came as people started to claim they saw blatant imagery and resemblance of Michael Jackson in the pictures.

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