Obama Demands South Carolina Churches Take Their Crosses Down

Wenzhou_Dongyang_C_2938889cCalling the Christian cross a symbol of oppression and unfathomable tyranny to many people, Obama today ordered federal agents to start removing crosses from the top of all churches in South Carolina.

All over the state, shocked parishioners and pastors could only look on in horror as armed federal agents stood guard while contracted laborers worked to removed crosses, such as that seen to the right at Antioch-Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church.

This latest move of the dark Liberal Agenda comes only days after the Obama Administration twisted the Charleston church massacre into a platform to further his liberal agenda. Obama has lead a successful campaign to force South Carolina into being ashamed of their heritage and history by trying to shame their flag away from being flown at the State House.

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Obama has called upon the liberal media to demonize anyone who tries to protect American history in South Carolina.  He has already succeeded in forcing Governor Nikki Haley into saying she does not want to conserve American heritage.  Sure, it may only be removing a flag today?  But where does it end?

Should we just throw traditional marriage, the 2nd Amendment or the right to worship Christ and live in a Christian nation in a museum too?

We see the answer to that last question is already yes.   Sources from within the Obama administration predict that by week’s end, over 70% of churces will have their ‘offensive’ crosses removed from public view.  Retail giants such as Wal-mart and Amazon are already removing their Confederate merchandise out of fear of Obama and the radical left media.

How long before Wal-mart and Amazon will also be forced to remove crosses from their stores?

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    Joe says

    This is so unbelievable it is laughable. There is NO WAY that Obama ordered this. He DID NOT condem the Confederate flag and he DID NOT have anytning to do with this outrageous lie you are posting. You people need to get a life and STOP this crap.

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    JNagarya says

    Well, President Obama did teach Constitutional law for a dozen years at university level. And the Executive branch has the Constitutional authority and responsibility to enforce the law, beginning with the Constitution, which includes, “levying war against the United States of America,” as it defines TREASON.

    South Carolina was the first state to secede from the Union; secession is unconstitutional; and fired the first shot beginning the Civil War — which was “levying war against the United States of America” — which is treason.

    And the states which formed the Confederacy — also expressly unconstitutional — included South Carolina, and they adopted the Confederate flag.

    So the Confederate flag represents and celebrates TREASON, based exclusively on the effort to preserve and perpetuate slavery — and its racist legacy.

    It is also the fact that the “bible” was used, by avowed Christians, to defend slavery. And the KKK, which professes to be Christian, is well known for destroying Christian crosses with the intent to terrorize African-Americans.

    So one would think that South Carolina, being Christian, would have a conscience, so be able to be ashamed of itself without help.

    As for the Second Amendment — the purpose of which was to establish a National Defense, based upon the already-well regulated militia — which is not an individual — “God” wrote:

    “Thou shalt not kill.”

    As for the assertion that the United States is a “Christian nation:

    First Amendment: “Congress shall make no law respecting [SUPPORTING] an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”.

    (Before that, Georgia’s first constitution, adopted in 1776-1777, prohibited active clergy from holding public office. And though it expressly protected freedom to preach one’s “religious” views, it also prosecuted such speech as treason if it were seditious against government.)

    As for this article: the Christian “God” wrote:

    “Thou shalt not lie.”

    • Reply
      Dixiedave says

      You do realize the second Amendment was not only for national defense, but as a defense against a tryannical government. Try educating yourself before espousing what the Constitution is supposed to mean. The federalist papers are a good place to start. They clearly explain the intentions of the framers when they were creating the constitution.
      And as far as Obama “teaching” constitutional law…that has been proven to not be true. It seems that nobody has bee able to say exactly WHAT Obama did in college or afterwards…except being a “community organizer”. Professors from his school have come out and said he never taught ANYTHING.

  3. Reply
    Yim says

    Anyone that believes this better get to a responsible adult as soon as possible.

  4. Reply
    Richard K. Lively says

    I’d have to wait on this one because this is Facebook and I need to see news coverage on this one. Barack Obama goes to church. How is he going to look a,congregation in the face for ordering all crosses taken down as being offensive because the Confederate Flag has to be taken down in South Carolina. Is this retaliation or something in SC because the Confederate Flag has to come down.

  5. Reply
    Dl Bross says

    How does it feel to be an idiot. It must hurt. This is just anither crock if sh*t Republican fairytale.

  6. Reply
    John says

    What a pathetic website! The people who run this are the lowest of the lowest and rely and preach thier lies to the ignorant…they all deserve each other! Lol

  7. Reply
    Nick says

    Historians have recently found proof that Christ was hanged, not crucified, so all church crosses are being replaced with gallows. The Pope has directed that Catholics must henceforth make the sign of the noose.

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