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Why Do Gay People Worship Their Private Parts?

[adinserter block=”1″]An awesome new sermon warns of an issue that’s going to affect more Americans as gay marriage spreads:  gays are becoming evangelical and actively working to recruit innocent new people into their lifestyle.

Last year alone, the CDC reports that while 5% of American males confessed to homosexuality, a shocking 25% — 1 out of 4 — are estimated to be secret or agnostic in their homosexual urges and beliefs.

Why are so many men becoming confused about their homosexuality?

The answer is simple.  Gays have organized themselves into a religious movement with fervor.  These gays in Obama’s age of liberal darkness are not only highly-educated, impressively muscular and connoisseurs of the high life, inviting flabby ‘dad-bad’ husbands to be a bit envious, but these ‘out’ gays also bring all their focus to one aspect of life:  sensuality.

b32d485e867099cc4483a6061ba67d9aEvery gay man makes it an objective to make their body a shrine, a temple that beacons others to take a look and a try.  Gays are also diverse and of multiple denominations.  Some gays are muscle-bound, calling themselves ‘Buffs’.  Then there are others who congregate based on if they are ‘twinks’, ‘BBM (Big Bear Movement) or Top-bottom hybrids.

While all this sounds confusing to those who live in moral states that forbid gay marriage, these terms are being spread on fliers, commercials and grassroots door-to-door knocking campaigns by gays in states with high per capita gay marriage rates.

Gays will not be happy until traditional Christianity is in a major decline, so that their lifestyle can become the status quot.   They are seeking to indoctrinate our youth to believe that it is normal to destroy


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