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Official: US $10 Bill To Feature Harriett Tubman, Alexander Hamilton Will Be Removed by 2020

hamilton removed 10 dollar billThe United States Treasury has officially announced Alexander Hamilton on the $10 bill will be a thing of the past. While Harriett Tubman has not been officially slated as the woman who will replace Hamilton, most groups who have pushed for change believe she will be featured.

The bill is slated to change in 2020, which also coincides with the centenary for women’s suffrage.  Those who lobbied for change to US money, which has traditionally featured white US presidents, asked for Andrew Jackson to be replaced on the $20 bill.

Some scholars have mused that Jackson would be relieved to be taken off the $20 bill, since he was against a Central Banking system.  But the $10 bill is actually scheduled for a redesign and so it is the logical choice of bill for a change.  The change will become the new standard for the $10.

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Online voting to have Tubman as a replacement was only for a $20.  Now that the $10 bill will be replaced, it remains unclear what process will be used to choose who to feature.  It is only known that the replacement will be a female.  Eleanor Roosevelt, Beyonce and Susan B. Anthony are also popular contenders for the new faces of the $10 bill.

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