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Transracial Scandal: Is Barack Obama Actually White?

Now that we have confirmed science has made transracial phenotypes possible, we can never be sure of who is truly black or white in America.

Who is truly black and who is truly white?  It is difficult enough to know that people can be secret or even agnostic about their homosexuality, but to think that race can now be something one can switch at a whim is quite unsettling and dangerous.

That innocent group of kids walking up the street in your suburbs could actually be a gang of transracial teenagers, plotting to cause all sorts of chaos and destruction in your neighborhood.  Or what if black people are being hired by the government to ‘turn white’ and riot, so that it seems white people can riot and get away with it?

[adinserter block=”1″]There are countless other scenarios in which one switching their race for nefarious means and gains for the liberal agenda can be examined, but of all scenarios, one reigns paramount:   Is Barack Obama faking being black?

The majority of Americans believe Obama is fakely black, that is, he’s using all sorts of science and diction to be something he is not.   Despite the facts, the Obama administration continues to perpetuate a lie that the president is black.

The Democrat charlatans played a masterful hand, making everyone distracted with Obama being Kenyan and non-Christian, when the bigger story all along is the fact that Obama is not America’s first black president and he’s telling lies about his race.

Why is it when Obama talks to black people, he all of a sudden sounds like a mix of Ice-T and Martin Luther King Jr? has an excellent expose into how Obama is a code-switcher.

These issues with Obama’s transracialism even concerned the liberals at Huffington Post, them declaring that Obama obviously used some bronzer on himself during his reelection.  His melanin injections must not have been good enough at that time because he was not looking dark enough according to his handlers.

obama with family

Undated photograph shows Obama posing with possible family members. Notice young Obama’s smooth hair texture and lighter skin.

So Who Is The True Obama?

Is he Kenyan?  Does he really worship Christ?  Why is is middle name Hussein?   Is he a capitalist or a Trotsky socialist?  These are all questions asked by Americans when we first learned of Obama sought the highest office in the land.

But now we see there were more questions that should have be asked.  Namely, what is Obama’s race?  Obama likes to masquerade as the first black president of America, but genetics show this is not true…

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