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Obama Using Toxoplasma gondii To Brainwash Cat Owners

obama cat owners brainwashBarack Obama is using a modified form of Toxoplasma gondii to brainwash millions of cat-owners nationwide, so that they will be prone to his mind-control and help him establish a new kingdom of liberal darkness.

For years cats have been associated with the occult and mysticism, their role as familiars to witches and association with Egypt ‘god-king’ rituals iconic and a defined part of history. So it should come as no surprise that Barack Hussein Obama — who sees himself as a pharaoh reborn — is getting back to his Egyptian roots and using cats to overtake America, one pet owner at a time.

The association between cats and liberals is already famous and well-known. The CDC reports that 95% of gay men have owned a cat at some point during their life, be it in childhood or adulthood. People who are cured of homosexuality also report that they gave up cat ownership. The CDC reports a direct relationship in unit volume of cat dander in a home, and one’s homosexuality.

[adinserter block=”1″]Simply stated, those who are exposed to less cat dander are less likely to be a full homosexual, and at worst, they may be veiled homosexuals (masking their desire with a ‘cover’ nuclear family) or even agnostic homosexuals. This shows their mind breaking free of the toxoplasmis.

Knowing these scientific observations from the CDC, it seems the Obama Administration has launched a full out biological attack upon Americans, one not seen since Obama tried to use Ebola to destroy Christians and Jesus. This time, Obama is using Toxoplasma gondii to cause ‘split personalities’ in humans. It should have been obvious this type of research was going on when we’ve seen good, upstanding Republican leaders have unprecedented forays into homosexuality.

Of course, they would not do this normally. But the liberals are infesting cat food with this modified toxoplasmid and then laying in wait as the cat scoots and crawls itself all over a home, lacing these parasites and knowing that once they reach the bloodstream, they will deliver a biological payload that instantly makes the mind permeable to MK-ultra like tactics from the Obama administration.

The T gondii strain unleashes a two-pronged attack. It can make the victim pliable, the mind complacent and receptive to the words of Obama vis-a-vis chemical manipulation. This is no different than the Chinese injecting captured Americans with a ‘truth-serum’ to make them do whatever they say. But Obama gets on television and says ‘support gay marriage’ or ‘don’t worship Jesus’ and people will listen, because they are infested with this parasite and have no choice, no will, to fight it off.

Look at what happened in Indiana. The state has one of the highest rates of stray cats that come in close contact with humans, be it in their yards, playgrounds, streets, cars, stores. Humans are ingesting the Toxoplasmids that roost in the cat’s bodies.

When Obama was trying to get gay marriage passed in Indiana and his homosexual chemtrails failed to work, he unleashed stray cats innoculated with this modified Toxoplasma gondii. We saw the results: within a week, the poor people of Indiana, brainwashed and bent to Obama’s will, voted through to allow gay marriage.

The more people come into contact with these newly infected cats, the more liberal America will become. People will keep leaving the church, they will continue to abandon morals and engage in Sodom and Gomorrah gay marriage ceremonies and they will surely be all to happy as Barack Obama tramples the Constitution, Jesus, overruns Texas, funds ISIS, kidnaps George W. Bush and makes him say ‘God is not real’ and then build up a New Kingdom of Liberal Darkness, an spanning empire of wanton sin and sodomy of which the world has never seen.

Mark my words, it all begins with stray cats and cat owners. Those who own cats are the most ardent Obama supporters: be they the high-brow and educated, sharply dressed and tactful gay variety, to the college liberal, to the welfare legion who are all exposed to cats. Their numbers grow and they will swallow up the moral with them. Fear cats, for they are the harbingers of Obama’s desire to turn us all into mindless liberals.

Confronting the Homosexual or Liberally Induced Cat Owner

Remember, those who own cats and are being bent against their will into the lifestyle of homosexuality or liberal logic are confused and angry, much like a person with dementia.

Though they know right from wrong, they cannot help but claim they have ‘chronic fatigue syndrome’ or were born with ‘homosexuality’.  They are wrestling with all these confusing emotions, a yin-and-yang of morality and sin.  This is all part of Obama’s plan in converting them.

Men converted to being gay are frightened and confused about the powerful, primal urges to seek foreign testosterone.  One of your guy friends you suspect of hidden homosexuality will find thinking of the powerful thighs and sweat of another man sends them stamping their hind legs like a cat in heat, yet he may somehow be ashamed or even try to cover his true emotions by obtaining a nuclear family or girlfriend.

If you ask him, ‘Hey bro, are you homosexual?’ in front of his family, he will get loud, feisty and defensive.  This is normal for someone whose mind is only partially controlled by Toxoplasma.  He still knows right from wrong, so is secretive or agnostic about his homosexual urges.  He does not want this type of in public, he wants the information in secret.

Others may find their loved ones or friends agreeing with Obama, suddenly finding a heart for issues like same-sex marriage, or perhaps not burning every t-shirt they find that’s made in Pakistan or not only buying American.  Perhaps they think it is time for our troops to come from overseas or they support Obamacare.  These things can be subtle, but just remember, their minds are a clouded mess.  They will get cranky and confrontational if you ask them over a lunch with your co-workers, “So, why don’t you want to send our boys to whip the terrorists?”

Do not be angry, for these people are all likely in denial and will get confrontational with you.  If you see a man with over two cats in his home, you can expect that he’s feeling some sort of urges for other men.  He will deny it.  That is just another symptom.  I expect to get plenty of letters from homosexual and liberals in denial, and that is why us who are unaffected but just ‘know’ they are being mind-controlled must step in.

Wives, if you have a cat in the home, what is more important?  Your family or your cat?  The choice should be easy and any ASPCA certified shelter will be happy to take your cat, because it is no longer a good fit for your family.  If you have a friend you think is slowly falling into a liberal way of thinking, and this is very important for those college-aged or post-graduate aged out there, offer to watch your friend’s home and crash, then get the cat out of there.  Say it was ‘lost’.  It takes 5 to 6 months for cat dander and Toxoplasma gondii levels to die down, so in about half-a-year, you’ll have your old friend back.

But the road will not be easy.  You must be patient and kind as you help them recover from this latest warfare from Obama.

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