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Mysterious Green Worm Creature Horrifies Taiwan

[adinserter block=”1″]New footage of a worm is horrifying residents of Taiwan, causing them to round up children and hide indoors until military forces are able to report all instances of these new worms being destroyed.

An amateur cameraman was able to capture footage of one of the worms and uploaded the video to YouTube. The distressing footage shows a long, bright-green worm-like creature with a pink proboscis that extends over one foot. The amorphous blog wriggles along the ground. Wei Cheng Jian, who uploaded the footage, is one of many people who reports seeing the creatures coming to land from coastal areas.

Wei encountered the creature while fishing in the coastal port of Penghu. While scientists have determined the creature closely resembles a ribbon worm, residents are reporting the worms are exhibiting snake-like behavior. Dozens of reports claim the new creatures seem to excrete some form of neurotoxin that can render small animals paralyze on contact. The worm uses its proboscis to lunge at its victim and cover it with a thick poisonous mucous. Once paralyzed, these worms crawl into the victim’s body through a nasal, oral, excretory or auditory orifice. The creature is also able to burrow through skin.

The same reports claim that their small pets have been paralyzed and attacked by the worms, veteranarians pulling these long green worms from the victim’s bodies. So far there have been no reports of these worms attacking humans, but officials with the CDC feel it is possible.

[ytvideo videoid=”nzNZoFQa3eo”]

Why Is China Attacking Taiwan With Genetically Engineered Worm Mutants?

China is making quick moves to build up its military and claim new lands in the South China Sea. China is building new military-laden islands, using machines to bring up thousands of pounds of sand for the deepest depths of the ocean. China is piling this sand to form man-made islands and then building new, high-tech military bases on the islands, defying any nation to stop them from claiming international water.

China’s desire to invade Taiwan is clear, but with the 2016 US elections upcoming Chinese officials know that a straight-out invasion of Taiwan will surely cause the Americans to vote a war-loving patriot into office.  So China is using secretive, malicious psychological warfare to break the will of Taiwan.

The people of Taiwan know that China’s love for genetic engineering is second to none and that these genetic monstrosities, which are warned of in the Book of Revelation, are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to China’s ability to attack with genetically engineered creatures.


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