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If You Have A Friend Who Loves George W. Bush but Dislikes Obama, Please Send Them This Reminder

It is inevitable that among your circle of friends and acquaintances, you have at least one who has an irrational dislike for President Obama.

President Obama could literally develop a cure for cancer and literally find a way to make sunshine and butterfly happiness a tangible entity to bring everyone joy, but that one friend of yours would just accuse Obama of sabotaging Kenyan witchcraft.

There are many reasons why one can legitimately dislike Obama, but let’s be honest and frank:  Obama is black, he does not have an agenda for destroying gay marriage and heaven forbid he does not want to alienate people who ascribe to Islam by lumping them in with terrorists.

But there was a great man who loved doing all those things, no matter the cost to America.  That great man’s name was George W. Bush.  Your friends who proudly rip Obama with their Facebook postings have likely chastised him for having our ‘troops overseas’ or ‘messing up the economy’, but let’s look at President Bush’s light resume:


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